Friday, May 13, 2005

Update - Village - Pregnancy - Braden

Hello Everyone!

Once again it has been too long since I have written and I apologize. I have people e-mailing me making sure nothing has happened to us. We’re doing wonderful except for a little morning sickness and sleepiness on my half.

I have been going to work as much as the morning sickness allows and trying to stay rested. John is doing wonderful! We are seeing fruit from his work in the village near our home. He has been going there for over a month now. Clinton and John went and spoke to one of the 3 leaders (like a chief) of the village to seek permission to show the Jesus film in the village.

He said that they could have his permission to do whatever they wanted to!!!! So, they are working to set a date to bring the projector and the Jesus film to this village. As of now Clinton and John go to the village about 2-3 times a week for most of the day building relationships and praying for the sick. We’ve already had people from the village where John has been working come to the FIRE House seeking to know more about this Jesus that we serve! John gives them a lot of tracks in their language and the back of them have the FIRE house address.

The FIRE House is an incredible ministry that has been setup through some other FIRE school missionaries here. Currently it serves as a base to send out information to all who seek it. So on the back of each track is the address and phone number so that anyone can get more information and get in contact with the person who gave them the track.

John has been taking Josiah with him to the village and about 2 weeks ago John went and bought toys (about 400 baht worth=$10) which is quite a bit and bought a huge sack full of toys. John and Josiah headed off and gave the toys to the children of the village. John said it was incredible and Josiah came home telling me all about it. He was so happy to have been able to give away those toys! Although, some of them he wanted for himself! LOL…

Anyway, we’ve got another list if anyone would like to send over a care package. I’ve had a few people ask so I’m going to post our list of wishes here:

Pop Tarts – Cherry, Chocolate
Velveeta Cheese Block
Rotel Diced Tomatoes (I am desperately craving cheese dip!!!)
Bisquick in a box – so we can make biscuits (none here)
Doritos (oh how I miss doritos – the cheesey kind)
Tostitos (for dipping in the cheese dip)
Wolf Brand Chili in a can
Hunt’s Meatloaf sauce in a can
Green Beans in a can (man…I miss these)
Summer Sausage
MACARONI AND CHEESE!!! (Kraft please) – still don’t have any

Yes…I know…everything on our list is food and yes most of it is my wanting…it’s hard to feed a pregnant woman in Thailand when she’s having serious food aversions to the local food!!! I will post our mailing address when I get home.

As far as being able to minister at work it’s mostly been to the other teachers and building relationships. I’m just now getting time to spend with my students. I’m teaching Social Studies, Health and English. I’m very excited about these classes although at first I was very worried because I don’t like social studies much and I had never thought of teaching Health.

I was able to teach my first Health class today and I was able to teach them about when life really begins…not on your birthday. I will have many opportunities to speak into their lives and I’m very excited! As soon as I get past this first trimester I’m going to get more involved with John in the village and also in trying to create some effective dramas for the team here to use.

OH – Guitar is going well. I have well established calluses on my fingers now and I can play quite a few songs…now it’s quite debatable as to whether they sound good or not…but I’m enjoying myself and John is handling my beginner playing very well. For mother’s day he found an electric guitar tuner and some picks for me.

Well, I’m going to wrap it up for now. I fear that I always write too much at one time so some people don’t take the time to read my entries because they are so long. So I am attempting to shorten them and make them more frequent instead of long! Thank you for all of your prayers and please continue to keep my nephew in your prayers!!!

He is to have surgery on Monday – please pray….check his progress here:

Talk to you soon!