Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The God that NEVER FAILS...

Man it's been a while and life has yet again thrown us another turn...actually that statement is completely incorrect...let me say that how I really mean: God has yet again taking us in a direction that I didn't think was possible.

About 2 weeks ago we needed to starting finding another place to stay and since most people were willing to allow us to stay with them but only for about 2 weeks or so...I started investigating finding apartments. I called every apartment in our area I think...including government housing and at the end of that day I sat down in utter defeat and surrendered it to God.

All the apartments, after electricity, water, application fee, deposit were way over anything we could ever afford on our ever changing monthly income. All the government housing was full up for at least 6 months. But there was one bit of info we had received about a home in a small town about 15 minutes away that was used solely for the purpose of housing Southern Baptist Missionaries when they were on "stateside assignment".

I had been told this house was only available for 3 months and usually only to Southern Baptist I hadn't followed up on it before...but out of desperation I called and within one day...despite the odds...we were approved to move into this home for the duration of our time here in the states!! Even though we are not Southern Baptist missionaries...and we hold no denominational ties...and much less any recognized qualifications...they approved us (after a few phone calls of course).

When I arrived at the house I honestly expected a small little home...with modest amenities but much to our dismay it is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath BRICK HOME! It even has a fenced in back yard! These people have pour love into every inch of this house and I'm seriously moved by it almost every day. I cried when we were told that we were approved and that was before I had seen the house...I wish you could know the deep honor that I felt and just amazement as I walked through this house.

It is fully furnished...washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator with every kitchen utensil known to man available...comfortable beds and beautiful bathrooms. I really still can't believe it sometimes. Get this...all bills are paid...except for phone and cable...internet is free and already up and running.

The boys absolutly love this house and being able to stay here...I have seen a drastic difference in them during the past 2 weeks as we have been able to get back into our normal family routine of spending time together, eating meals together and praying. Josiah was sad about leaving his school in Tom Bean but has already started here and is doing wonderful!

Oh and I haven't told you the most amazing part yet - the house comes with a van for the occupants to use!!!! AHH!! A nice minivan! We are blessed beyond my imagination. The First Baptist Church here has had this vision for a long time and have housed many missionaries in this home. In the living room there is a curio cabinet that holds pictures of missionaries who have stayed here.

What an awesome vision! So we no longer have to worry about where we will stay and all the hardships that come along with staying with family and friends...and we will have a place to bring little Jossalyn Dove home to before packing her up and heading back to Thailand. I am only 6 months along but I look 9 months!! People keep asking me if I'm having twins!!! :( That's ok though - I am so happy to be carrying my little girl it doesn't matter a bit.

Another great testimony is that I WASHED OUR CELL PHONE! Doesn't sound like a great testimony does it? I mean, super wash, rinse cycle and 2 spin cycles! And one day later that baby turned right on and WORKS!!! Can't really read the screen BUT! It works!

On a different note, I am really missing Thailand and the Thai people. I find myself wanting to answer people in Thai just because I yearn to use and hear the language...I crave the food (might just be pregnancy...) and I really miss our church family there.

It seems like each day is creeping by...(sure that's pregnancy too) drawing out the wait until we can head back...but with that being said I have such a strong feeling that God has something planned. Something big...I have no idea what but something that he's doing with us here. I believe there is a very specific reason for us to be here right now and it's not just to have a baby.
Please keep us in your prayers as we reach out to those that we can here and serve where we are needed. John has been driving a taxi whenever he can get hours and also working for his dad when he needs him. It's been rough because John can not stay in this small city when he is working the taxi because he would use his money in gas just getting to Sherman to pick someone he has to stay in Sherman at his cousins during his shift - which last time lasted 2 days.

John's back is doing a little better and he's trying to take it easy. We're a bit handicapped between his back and my huge pregnant belly. Ha! We're quite the sight when something needs to be picked up. But all in all God is at is another example of his awesomeness. John had been working on trying to get a motorcycle so that he could commit to a job and be able to get there without spending lots of gas money.

An old friend had a motorcycle for sale for a very very good price and John worked very hard to save half of it up...and was going to make a deal to pay the rest off. When John called to setup a time with him he said that God told him that he couldn't sell him the bike! John was very disappointed until he said that "God said I have to give it to you!" John couldn't believe it and he offered to pay him and told him that he didn't have to do that but his friend said that he knew God had told him so he must obey.

So John went down to get the bike and it wouldn't start - so him and his friend loaded the motorcycle up on a trailer and brought it here to find out what was wrong with it - turned out the carborators needed to be cleaned out and something else...which was going to cost close to $400 dollars!

John was going to try to do it himself and then we received a call today that a friend had found someone who would do what needed to be done for $100 dollars! I know all this has to do with money and our God is not a God that is all about money but in our lives...God is constantly coming through and showing us his love for us by making the impossible possible.

It seems that God wants to make us a prime example that if you put your trust in God...and your life in his hands - He WILL NOT FAIL YOU ACCORDING TO HIS WILL. Every need is met when it needs to be met and even though, by all qualification standards, do not belong anywhere on the mission field...and by all worldly view we should be sitting on the side of the street with our children...begging for we are, once again, provided for by the great provider.

Provided not only with physical things and a means to make it each day but also with love, wonderful friends and family, people who pray for us and most importantly provided with his spirit and his guidance.

I am reminded of an awesome song that I always wanted to make into a drama by a young girl named Katy Hudson. It echos the cries of all the disciples when they were being persecuted and killed and yet they knew that their God was worth every moment...because he was and is the one and only TRUE GOD!

Please read the lyrics...I could only find part of the song to put up on the blog...but here are the full lyrics.

You could throw me in the fire And I won’t be burned
For my faith is your desire And your love endures
You could throw me in the prison cell
Shackle me up against the rail
But time and time again My faith won’t fail

For He’ll prevail
In the midst of all my trials and tribulations
And He’ll prevail
In the midst of all my sin and temptations
He’ll prevail When I fail and He will pick me up
For time and time again My faith won’t fail

You could throw me in the lion’s den
But they won’t harm me
For Your grace surrounds me
And it sets me free

And I can walk upon the water
And I will not drown
For my eyes are set upon You
And no one can bring me down

For His angels surround me
And you’ve poured out this blood covering
And I will walk and not fail
For time and time again My faith won’t fail

Thanks for reading! I know it's been a long time since I've posted and I will be posted more often now that things are much more settled...please check back soon - I'm going to be putting up some pics soon. Thank you for reading and for praying for us!