Friday, August 25, 2006

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for checking our blog - I know it has been a long time since I updated last. Last time I wrote I told you that we would be at Liberty Lighthouse Church and it went wonderful! It was great to share with everyone about “The heart of a missionary”, Thailand and the Thai people. Pastor Stan had mentioned making sure that I get the heart of a missionary across and God really set my fingers to typing! God really showed up and many people came to the front to “walk in reality with Him”.

We also visited a church in Sanger - Trinity Chapel Pentecostal Church of God. It was such a blessing to fellowship there - I would like to say a special thank you to Jo…of course because she made this whole wonderful weekend happen and also to Bridget and Dave who so kindly welcomed us into their house and also Kenny and Sandy who blessed us both with their incredible testimonies and willingness to help in anyway possible.

John and I had such an incredible time staying with Dave and Bridget but I have to say we were both VERY nervous about staying with people we had never met before…it was such a blessing though! They treated us soooo kindly!! We’ve never been received like that before…We felt like honored guests! The night was filled with talk of Thailand and culture and home school and being a missionary…and our God.

But you know…one thing I really felt after that night is that…it’s SOOO easy just to talk about all the stuff about Thailand because there is so much to talk about…but what a shame if we don’t talk equally about or even more so about what God IS DOING IN THAILAND. It’s not that we didn’t talk about that it’s just a small thought that it’s just so easy to get caught up in talking about the culture and weird experiences and Thailand itself…that sometimes it’s easy to give the minority of the time you have to talking about the glory of God at work in Thailand.

People are always interested in both it just seems that the conversation most always swings toward the cultural side…which is completely understandable…I mean…it’s Thailand…you can’t get any more on the other side of the world…it’s interesting! I have just decided to consciously make sure that conversation doesn’t stay there for tooo long. Hope you understand what I mean. Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve written I feel kind of funny writing again. I always strive to be transparent and write as if I were sitting there talking to you - so sometimes when I read what I have written I’m in awe at how informal it is…then I shrug my shoulders and type on…

I really don’t want to write a book to catch everyone up because I know it’s hard on the people who want to come for a quick update but I think this one is going to be long…so hang onto your computer chair…hhaa..

We are staying in a small attic apartment on top of a daycare right now and it has worked out really well for us. We have two connected rooms and a bathroom up here. It’s become pretty comfy and besides the constant annoyance of doing dishes downstairs, trying to cook a meal for our family on a Bunsen burner and the heat it has been great and should serve us just fine until we leave. Oh - which is OFFICIALLY October 2nd! We rescheduled our return date to one month later because we thought that Jude was going to have to have a surgery before we left but PRAISE GOD the doctors said that he doesn’t need one right now.

On the other hand I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday of next week - I believe that’s the 29th. I’ll be out of commission for 2-3 weeks. Please be praying for us…John is going to need a lot of patience (he’ll be taking care of everything…the boys…meals…cleaning…when I say out of commission…I mean it) and I’m going to need a lot of bravery…The dr. says I will be recuperated before it’s time to leave so I am glad about that.

I am looking so FORWARD to getting back to Thailand and the Thai people. I miss it sooo much! I can’t wait to get back to work! John has been ready to return since the first week we arrived. Please don’t get me wrong - it will hurt DEEPLY to leave family and friends. Even when I think about it now my heart literally hurts but I know God will see me through it. Leaving this time is going to be harder than last time. When we left the first time we had the blind excitement of the unknown which made it a lot easier. Not that it’s not going to be exciting when we leave this time - it’s just that it will be different and we’ve also been cherishing the time we have been spending with family and friends because we know it’s only temporary and we don’t know how long we will be gone this time.

By FAR leaving family and friends will be the hardest thing of all. My beautiful nephew Levi is growing before my eyes and little Braden!! Spending time with my Mom and knowing her as a person…not just as mom…appreciating and truly LOVING and appreciating my sisters-in-law for who they are. Becoming real friends with Gentry…Getting to know John’s parents all over again…and my dear friends and the people of Liberty Lighthouse Church (uggg…my heart)!!! All for the sake of our King!

Anyway, yesterday John and I were able to have a date and we went to eat at a Thai restaurant and it was sooo much FUN! What a blessing! I sat there like a giddy little girl…literally almost squealing because I was so excited about it. We got to speak Thai to them too and it felt SOO GOOD! I ate two of my favorite dishes and it was heavenly - Laap Moo and Som Tom with Cow Nee Aow. John had the cashew chicken. It was a great time and a memory that will be locked away forever…

John has been staying busy helping his Dad with making graphics and driving a Taxi. His cousin started a Taxi business here in the small town of Sherman - so when his cousin can drive no more…John takes over. It has been a blessing because we were in huge need of the money. We will once again be leaving the states on faith.
Baby Jude is crying so I have to wrap this up. Please keep us in your prayers and keep an eye out for our next newsletter!

Thank you for reading!!!