Friday, February 08, 2008


Do you ever have those days when you can almost hear God calling your name out loud? While you are carrying on with your normal duties of the day and you feel a pull in your heart as if someone has sunk a hook deep into a place you didn't know existed and is gently but firmly pulling you toward them? While your duties call for you...your hearts beats the way only a heart in love can beat...almost drowning out all other voices...

What a great God that we serve...that even when we've given our day over to be consumed by the things that drown him out...He is still calling for more. He's still wanting and still planning. What greatful creatures we should be and what a heavy burden we should feel to drop everything and meet with the one that saved our soul. The one who cares for us above all else...the one who will never fail you.

Through all that is going on...through the chaos...through everything that the enemy throws us - there is peace and joy if only we could pri ourselves from ourselves! Life is always crazy and the enemy is always putting up a smoke screen to try to make you believe that the impossible is nothing but impossible...but we know our God. We know what He is capable of...we know His justice, His love, His inability to fail. He makes the impossible possible...He makes the blind see again, He restores broken hearts, He heals the sick, He makes a way when there was NONE, He sets FIRE when there is nothing but a flame retardant heart left. He is the God of our forefathers...and the God that saved me.

And for that I am eternally greatful and in awe of His love for a lost much need of perfect love.