Sunday, February 06, 2005

House Flood - Foot Massage - 1 week left

Hello Everyone!

I only have 1 week left of TEFL school and I'm so excited! I am going to miss my students though! I want to apologize to any of you who have e-mailed in the past week...our connection seems to have gotten slower?? Or my patience has gotten shorter at I keep getting could not find server errors everytime I try to send an e-mail. Everyonce in a while one will go through...anyway, I'm going to be writting back soon! I also want to say thank you soo much to those people who have sent in support! You have been an answer to prayer! We're doing ok at the moment but soon the landlord will come and as of yet we do not have the money to give him and your support has definately reassured me (but mostly relaxed my nerves) that God is taking care of us. John is sooo wonderful about trusting God for things like finances whereas I am still learning to stop trying to take care of everything myself. He knows our needs and will met them in His time.

Yeah - in the title I put house flood and that's because Josiah flooded our house! It's wasn't a big deal because we don't have anything in the two rooms that were flooded (except for a dining table). John was working on the side of our house and Josiah was playing with the water hose. John was checking on him every once in a while...and talking to him periodically to make sure he was playing nicely (our house has a gate at the front so it's pretty toddler proof)...and when John checked visibly...Josiah had stuck the water hose in a little slot in the door and the water had been running for a while!!!! John shut off the water and gave Josiah a lesson on where the water hose belongs and went into the house to find it flooded all the way to the kitchen (at least a couple inches of water).

John tried to get the water out with a broom - but had to go to the store and buy a squeegie to get the water out!!! Josiah is grounded from the water hose for a week! lol...The floors are really clean now though! This week has been rather uneventful besides that because John watches Josiah all day long and runs little errands while I am at school. I'm unable to go anywhere during the week due to homework and such...and John is limited on what he can do becuase he is watching Josiah continuously (ministry wise).

Things will be much better after I'm finished with school. We're going to start language classes after this week! I'm sooo excited about that! OH...foot massage...yesterday was a friends birthday (twana) and the girls decided to take her to get a foot massage and I was invited a long! It was absolutly wonderful and afterward you are served ginger tea. And all for less than $4 dollars....!!!! It's actually a lot of money here...and I really hated spending that much but I didn't want to not go and celebrate Twana's birthday party. Afterward Twana gave me some lessons on the bike and road around the neighborhood with me (on her bike) to help me feel more comfortable with the bike. I can't believe this is sooo hard for me!!! I didn't that was good!

Turns are the problem for me - but I have to say after the 45 minutes of practice I got yesterday I feel much more confident although not road ready yet. Some people have been asking what kind of things we miss and what we would like sent if someone wanted to send us something. So, John and I have made a list and I sent it out to people who had asked. If you would like a copy just e-mail me and I'll send you a copy of the list. I really miss everyone and John is just now starting to miss everyone. EHH...that sounds's just that now it's all starting to kick in for him (a month later) and he's missing his friends and family.

I found out my brother and his wife are having a boy!!!!!! It's so hard not being there to share in their joy...I've always anticipated the day when my brother would become a father! He's really great with kids and I know his wife Annie will be a wonderful mother. He's got a good digital camera though and God will give me the grace to not be broken up about it.

Oh...a funny story...I've told you about TukTuk's I think?!? They're these really small trucks (REALLY SMALL) that carry people in the truck bed on benches...and I just found out the other day that if you say "Tuk Tuk" with the same tones that it means "gays" instead of "a small truck that gives rides"...!!! So I've been walking around saying "I need a gays please"....ehhh....I couldn't believe it. The proper way to say it aparently is "Tuk Tuk" with the second Tuk being higher than the first. I know say Tuk Tuk the correct way - needless to say...

Josiah is growing up so much! He is spending too much time on his leapster though. I'm about to start some kindergarten curriculum with him and limit his leapster time. It is a learning unit but he doesn't need to spend as much time on it as he does. He won't play in his room so we're moving it to this area that's right next to our room. He won't play in his room because it's rather akward - there's nothing in it but the toys we brought and nothing on the walls so it echos really really badly...and it's stuffy so he'll play for a minute and then come running into our room. We're just going to make his room an office/prayer room. We would feel better with him being in the area next to our room anyway.

I've taken some pictures and will be uploading them very soon! I took some pictures of what I see everyday, a songtao, a tuk tuk, our house, the market and more. So stay tuned folks! hehehe...I miss you all and I'll talk to you soon!


Oh...John's going to be writting soon...! He's been wanting to but hasn't had the time either.