Monday, August 22, 2005

The Piano Girls - Student Day - Definately a Boy!

You know...I've been looking over my last few posts and it seems as if I have been in such a hurry to let everyone know what has been going on that I have been neglecting the every day things that happen here that are so incredible. What a shame! Anyway, I am going to be more mindful when I write.

Every Tuesday we (the girls - Amber, MaryBeth, Kathryn and I) are going out to minister to the women of Hat Yai - specifically the prostitutes. The Tuesday before last we went by motorcycle and went to the downtown area of Hat Yai. About two years ago the team here had dedicated themselves to walking through this area everyday for about 5 months praying that the many prostitution houses posing as "kareoke shops and massage shops" would shut down. About two years later here we are walking down the streets that they had prayed on and it is amazing how many shops are no longer in service.

There is very little activity in this area - although there is still quite a bit but definately not as much as there used to be. The Tuesday before last we went out and toward the end of our night we saw one of MaryBeth's friends who is currently in prostitution and working out of a "kareoke shop". When you walk in the walls are lined with benches for women to sit and a dusty old kareoke machine sits in the corner to keep up the fascade. In the window sit many many wooden idols made to look like male genitals that have had gold paper put on the tips of them in worship. There are also many buddhist necklaces around these idols. I don't know what to call these buddhist necklaces - they are similar to lays but they are specifically for offering to their gods and idols.

We sat and chatted with her for a while and gave some tracks to the few women that were in there and went on our way - we told them we would return again. When we came out of her shop I had my first real look at the showy end of prostitution in Thailand. There were about 5-6 tables with beautiful young Thai women sitting about 5 to each table. They were sitting out infront of the club like a buffet. Gorgeous girls....decked out in high heels...low cut shirts...high cut skirts...and tons of makeup. They were beautiful on the outside but they looked so sad on the inside. We walked up to them and began giving them tracks - they were very very receptive and began to read them immediately.

While we were chatting with them a few cars pulled up briefly and a couple of girls would get up and stand infront of the cars and giggle and flirt. It's so amazing what being a "farang" (foreigner) does....these girls wanted to know all about us and they love our white skin! We sat down at one of the tables and MaryBeth began to share Jesus with them - I don't know what she said because I can only catch small bits so far but the girls listened intently. The tracks that we pass out have a stapled sheet in the back of it that gives a phone number and address where they can seek more information or a bible for free.

While we were talking to the "Piano Girls" (so I call them because they are infront of the Piano club) a man came up and told us he had just given his life to Jesus one week ago. It was a very awesome meeting because this man didn't know where to go or how to get to know Jesus more so Amber got his phone number so that the guys could contact him and help him. We left after visiting for a while - many of them were very embarassed because they knew that we knew what they were there for so they were very shy. We told them we would return again and visit them. The most important thing that we can do with these girls is build relationships with them and show them the love of God...and a way out of the lifestyle that they are in.

This last week has been the week of the agricultural fair here in Hat Yai and we were unable to get a booth but we have been out there passing out tracks. This last Thursday and Friday Clinton, John and Josiah went out to the college campus that the fair is held on and passed out tracks to tons of students!!! The whole campus was filled with students from every school in Hat Yai and surrounding areas. There were thousands of students and they all thought John and Josiah were the coolest things since rice. John, Chase and Josiah split up to get different areas of the campus and Chase took lots of pictures. John said there were times when he was a bit worried because he would be completely surrounded with kids reaching for the tracks.

They were scared he would run out so they were forcefully trying to get them from him. Josiah is amongst all of this if you can eventually John ended up tying Josiah's hand to his back pack with a bandana to keep up with him! :) I was at language class during all this. Over those few days they were able to pass out 2,500++ tracks!!!

Last Friday we were blessed in that we were able to go to the clinic with the 3d ultrasound machine again and look at little Jude Andrew! John and I wanted to go again one more time and look again to confirm that it was a boy...the dr. told us last time and we didn't get to see for ourselves that well so we just wanted another peek. This time when we went we asked if we could have a picture and he said yes AND we could have a video too!!! We caught little Jude Andrew in the middle of a yawn and we have it on video. I'm working on getting it on the internet so that you can view it but I don't have it figured out yet. It is a 20MB file so I can not e-mail it - WAY TO BIG!

He looks just like Josiah from what we could see! He is constantly moving around in such a way that I can barely believe he still has 3 more months to grow - there doesn't seem to be any room left!! Brandon will be arriving this Thursday and we can't wait! We have a room ready for him now (had to buy a mattress and sheets ect....) and we have much planned.

Please keep us in prayer about learning Thai! It is rough!! I go to class for about 1 1/2 or more depending on the lesson and then usually study for 2-3 hours and I could study more!!! It is a very hard language to learn and it requires much patience and diligence. John and I could both use a fresh dose of both :)

Well, I'm going to stop going on and on and get the pictures up :) We have lots this time! Thank you so much for your prayers and e-mails! For God to get all the glory I want to tell you that for some reason we have been without our normal support for about 2 months now. We have about 4 regular supporters and for some reason the others have stopped at almost the same time...? But praise God - we have not been without!!! God has definately been providing for us and he is prompting who he wants to support us and giving us what we need when we need it (including the recent expense of purchasing a mattress and sheets for Brandon when he comes)! I just think it is incredible that we have not gone without and circumstances have been how they have! God is good!

Ok - enjoy the pictures! And please remember - we love to get comments and e-mails from you!


Anonymous said...

I love reading about what you are doing for the L_RD and what He is doing in and for you.
What a blessing to have Brandon with you. He is a highly anointed man of G_D. I saw beautiful Lisa on Sun.
Sending Love!

BungerFamily said...


Glad to hear all is going well. Things are good back here, just hectic. Braden is cutting a couple of teeth at only TWO MONTHS adjusted age. His due date was June 21. So, that has us up even more at night. Thanks for the updates on everything there, we look forward to reading your entries. ~Steve~