Thursday, October 06, 2005


So – tomorrow (Oct. 7th) is my birthday! I’ll be 25!! I can’t believe it! The whole team plus many of our Thai friends (saved and unsaved) will all meet together to eat and hang out together. I’m very excited because Pii Saow – the lady who helps with Josiah and the house heard the gospel from another Thai person the day before yesterday!

I have talked to her as much as I can with my limited language and she has been reading tracts that are in our house and one time about 4 months ago John came home to a crying Pii Saow because she had read a tract and she wanted to know more. She is currently Muslium (although she does not dress in the head dress and all) and she is married to a Buddhist. Pii Saow has been a very good friend and helps me a lot with my Thai…so anyway, Pii Thak came over to see if Josiah wanted to come walking with Asia and she came in and was waiting for me to get Josiah ready and she started talking to Pii Saow.

About 15-20 minutes later Pii Saow was listening intently as Pii Thak finished telling her testimony (about how God brought her out of prostitution and changed her life). Pii Saow was visibily moved and when she returned the next day she went on and on about Pii Thak’s heart…and how she wanted to talk to her more!! So at my birthday party they will have the opportunity to do just that! I’m also very excited because my teacher Khruu Rot is going to come and it will be great because the team has been trying to spend time with her for years…and she’s going to come tomorrow!

Phon (John’s Thai teacher) and her boyfriend are also going to come! I was wondering if I would be sad about not having all my friends and family from the states at my birthday party but I am surprised to say I feel fine! Not that I don’t miss them all terribly and I wish that I could be with them – I'm just not upset out it! Thank you God! That’s a miracle in itself since I’m 8 months pregnant and terribly hormonal! Although - Lisa, Misty, Guy, Epiphany, Summer, Brandon, Lori, Crystal (oh I love you guys!)...and all my friends - I wish we could have another birthday party like we did at the church that time! WHAT FUN! Ah well!

I have incredible friends here in Hat Yai and I couldn't thank God more for them and I know we will have a wonderful time! Thank you God for the peace that I have in my heart!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Aunt Stephy
Happy Birthday to you!
your nephew
Braden Wayne Bunger