Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Round Table...

Ok guys...for those who have been reading for a long time...You've got to be thinking..."What in the world is all this Wordless Wednesday stuff and a post about her dining table???" Well, I've found a whole new world out there in cyberspace that has thoroughly encouraged me. It's a whole slew of women out there blogging their lives and journey with God.

It has been so encouraging reading the struggles and triumph so many of these women are facing. I also absolutly love that they are always posting! They are always posting because it seems like in cyberspace...everyday of the week is a special day.

Whether it be Menu Plan-it Monday, Tackle it Tuesday or Wordless Wednesday there is always something going on. My hope is that getting involved let's more people know about what God has us doing here and hopefully - doubling or tripling our prayer coverage!!! So, since I only post once or twice a week normally I thought it would be fun to take a little out of each day to really get involved and meet these wonderful women. there it is. :) Lori over at "Glass Half Full" was curious about what other people do at dinner time and where they eat dinner. So the way it works is that you make a post on your blog about the subject and then you go to her page and put a link up to your site and the fun part is taking the time to see where the other links lead you.

Every night our family joins around our round table to eat. Please do not confuse this round table with the famous one from Camelot...unfortunatly the only serious talk is usually about our new turtle named "Vern" and swords are NOT allowed. To be honest we're usually begging for a moment of silence out of my oldest son who is HIGHLY COMMUNICATIVE. After cooking in the smoldering heat a moment to catch one's breath is required. no air conditioning + gas stove equals = "I'm melting...I'm melting..."

Our little Round Table came to us when we first arrived in Thailand from a family that just moved into a new home that came with a table (yeah Thailand is that come with TABLES???...but they don't come with cabinets??? WHY? and no it wasn't a furnished house).
It's a great table except for the matter how many times we fix that leg it still wobbles. Today my oldest son had our new turtle "Vern" on the table and was shaking it rapidly while screaming (quietly of course) "It's an EARTHQUAKE VERN! EARTHQUAKE....AHHH!!! What are you going to do VERN??? It's an EARTHQUAKE!" I quickly informed him that Vern didn't appreciate his creativness and that he should give Vern 5 minutes to recooperate from the "earthquake". He complied.
Yes...That IS the bathroom in the background there. The idea of having the bathroom right next to our dining table really grossed me out for a while but there have been no problems with it. We just keep a strict "bowl movement" schedule and everything is just fine! NO! I'm just kidding there is no schedule...It's really fine...Oh and there is my beloved Wycliff International cookbook that has brought me into a whole new world of cooking.

I've never been Betty Crocker...I was more like Hamburger Helper Lady...until I moved to the mission field and well, there is no Hamburger Helper to be found. So, we got REAL tired of eating stir fried rice and eggs all the time so we ventured out and came to LOVE the Thai food (which is a miracle because I'm married to an ex-pickiest eater in the whole wide huge world)...but then, well, after 2 1/2 years you just miss AMERICAN FOOD! AHHH!!

So a dear friend of mine let me borrow this book and I haven't given it back! I love it. It tells you how to make everything without calling for things missionaries can't get. It's a heaven send for us and it's really gotten me into cooking. My hubby is REAL happy!! Ok...moving on...

We usually gather together every night here before the sun goes down so we can keep the windows open (and have a breeze). After the sun goes down the windows have to be closed or we are forced into a full on war with the native bugs. My youngest Jude gets the seat of's the most expensive item in our kitchen!!! High chairs in Thailand cost a TON!!! But we caught a sale at a store in the city - this baby was normally 9,000 baht but we got it for 3,000 baht. Let me put that into dollars for you: $272 normally and $90 when we bought it.

And that is the cheapest I've ever seen here! My poor flowers are finally husband brought those home for me about a week ago - they've done wonderful! I put a little bit of sugar in the water and they last days longer. I've got the best husband ever...he also brought me home a very special treat tonight. There is a store here called Swensons.

It's an ice cream shop. It's a very rare and special treat if we go there because it is EXPENSIVE and anyway he brought me home an Ebony and Ivory...which looks a little like this: was delicious! Anyway, dinner is a very special time for our family. Once we've (me mainly) cooled off...taken a deep breath...and prayed together it is a real blessing. It's really fun watching my son learn table manners too! He still doesn't understand that he can't ask to be excused with his mouth stuffed full of food. He's always ready to go play! :)

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ShaggaBear said...

MMMmmm! I want some of that ice cream. :) Thanks for sharing about your dinner time. Abby's learning how to ask to be excused, too.

love that turtle story.

aggiejenn said...

I saw your comment on Joy's blog.

I lived in Thailand for about 6 months in college, working with a college ministry in Chiang Mai. The Thai people are so wonderful and sweet! It was good to see what God is doing through you guys there.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog today!! What an exciting ministry God has given your family...

Hope to see you again soon..:))


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Thanks for the creation video ideas. My husband is a wildlife biologist and is very passionate about creationism. He has had the honor of speaking many times about this topic. But we have not purchased many books on the topic for children. I guess we have just relied on our own conversations. I am eager to look into the videos. Thank you.