Friday, March 07, 2008

March Newsletter - SNOW!!

March 4nd, 2008

Greetings from Texas!

It snowed in March! I can't believe it! Before we left Thailand to come to America to bring our new baby girl into the world one of the main questions our son Josiah asked was “Momma, will there be snow?”. I can not tell you how many times during the first week that I had to explain that it wasn't going to snow yet...he'd wake up and ask “Is it going to snow today?”.

Josiah hasn't seen snow since before we left for Thailand 3 years ago and our second son Jude has never seen to this Daddy and Momma...snow was a big deal this year. Having lived in Texas most of our lives we know how hit and miss the weather can be and that it was a 50/50 chance that any snow would fall.

Our son had remembered some helpful advice that some missionary teenagers had taught him before we left “Don't EAT the yellow snow!”. While Josiah didn't quite know why he wasn't supposed to eat yellow snow he proudly waited for the opportunity to follow this tidbit of wisdom. We arrived in November and the weather has steadily played with our emotions as we go from freezing to a nice 75 a few days ago...realizing it was March I gave into the notion that it is possible that our aspirations to see and play in snow once more could quite possibly be gone.

But much to our dismay yesterday evening my husband caught a glimpse of a winter wonderland and let out a holler “IT'S SNOWING!”. Josiah squealed with excitement and Jude (2 yrs old) soon followed although he had no idea what was going on. We bundled them up and headed out to play in the snow. A bit of snow remained this morning and we made the most of it...snow angels, snow men, snow ice cream...YUM and even a snow fight!

Now, why am I babbling on about snow in this newsletter? Well...while I am NOT saying God made it snow just for us...I am saying that I feel so incredibly blessed that this small but HUGE thing has happened. I had prayed several times for God to help it snow so that my boys could have that memory before heading back to Thailand and not getting to experience snow for who knows how long.

As I walked in the house to get the camera while Daddy and the boys played out front...praise filled my heart and worship poured out of my lips. The whole time we've been here in America God has consistently met our needs and in this case our wants and desires. Whether it was needing a place to stay, our next meal, transportation, ministry opportunities or simply hoping for a stray cat to wander by so our boys could play with it (they LOVE animals and we can't have any). When things look to be impossible and when the world thinks you are crazy for trusting God...he proves them to be fools for not trusting in Him.

We have been given opportunities to share and minister here that have filled my heart to the brim...ways that we have been unable to minister in Thailand because of language barriers. What freedom to be able to open your mouth and express your heart and share the truth without
your tongue not knowing how to perform. It's truly a wonderful thing. While the liberty in sharing that we experience here is great John and I both have a burning desire and an expectation of returning in June to continue the work that God has set us there to do:

Making the name of Jesus known to those who have never heard it, praying for the sick, meeting needs, teaching Christians to walk as true sons and daughters of God, showing God's love to a culture that is bound up in religion and most of all shining His light in one of the last “open” countries in that part of Asia.

Please pray with us as the count down begins. Jossalyn Dove is due to join us outside of the womb April 16th or so and we plan on returning to Thailand 6-8 weeks after her birth. (allowing enough time for applying for a passport and visa for her) At this point we are once again facing impossible odds since we do not yet have the finances to buy our tickets or pay for our visas but we know where our help comes from...the maker of heaven and earth. Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion...they will not be moved... Once again we will have an awesome testimony of how God made the impossible possible.

As always...thank you for reading and thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

All for King Jesus!

The Blakes

PS - One of the VERY talented members of our team (Brian) made a team video of our work in Thailand and it is awesome - if you would like us to send you a copy please email me and we will make it happen as long as we don't get too many requests...DVD's are expensive! hehehe....Our partners will be receiving one in the next 2 weeks me at:

Fun in the snow!

Snow Ice Cream! Yum!

Here is a link on "How to make Snow Ice Cream"

Jude loved his first snow ice cream!