Sunday, May 03, 2009

Late Sleeper's Anonymous

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I am a closet late sleeper and I'm coming out!!!

You know that feeling when it feels like the most comfortable thing in the entire world is your bed???? Well, it felt that way as I rolled out of bed this morning at 7:30 in the I walked away it felt like the bed was literally drawing me back to it...but little Joss's smiles and laughter won.

Eventhough I was up at 7:30 this morning we did not go to church. Once it was time for her to start getting around 9:30...I laid down with her and well, the rest was history. I woke up and John had let me sleep and I slept till 1! Wow! I think it's been years since I slept till one.

I have to be honest...I'm one of THOSE people. Most of my life has been a fight to get as much sleep as I can. My body wouldn't wake up by itself unless I aquired 11+ hours a night. I'm not kidding...for me it was normal to sleep until 1 or 2pm...And when it was woken up by some other alarm clock...ect...I felt like I was in a commatose state that was only remedied by getting back in bed.

It seriously made me late for many a church service. At one phone number was posted by the phone at the church so that if someone didn't see me there they could pick up the phone and let it ring to wake me up! Pittiful huh? I am happy to say that those days are now over.

I think it's the miracle of having 3 kids that cured me...or maybe it's the change in my lifestyle habits...eitherway I'm so thankful to no longer be a slave to sleep and my bed. I do have to felt soooo good to sleep in today.

I really missed out having missed church though...I felt so discouraged yesterday evening. I mean, really discouraged. I just couldn't stop thinking about everything negative and focusing in on things I can't change or help...John just looked at me and was like...what is wrong with you as I wore my puppy dog face.

So this morning...errr...AFTERNOON! hahahaha! After I take my kids to the park to run off some of this pent up steam....I'm going to dive into his word and let my children take a nap and seek God...I desire more of him and I will not let hopelessness or the feeling I felt last night oppress me anymore.

Be blessed!!!!

PS - Anyone else out there a closet late sleeper?


Misty said... KNOW that I am!!!;O) Sometimes that pillow and those sheets just feel TOOOO GOOD!!!;O)

Jacqueline Branco Lambert said...

after the day that I just had, I want to crawl into that comfort bed you have on your post.:) it'sbeen a while since you posted, what's new?

The Garsees in Thailand said...

steph! wow good for you girl. glad to hear that the bed no longer has victory!! i can remember those days too. then all of the sudden, God changed me. it was about 6 years ago when i turned 31. some people say that it's the age..... the older you get the earlier you wake up. but whatever the reason i'm so happy! i used to wake up at 10 and start homeschool with the boys at 11! i know... you can't believe it. but it's ture. now i wake up at 6, have breakfast on the table at 7! So God does do miracles!! ; )

love you, girl. miss you too.

this is random.... are you guys thinking of going to fire?