Saturday, July 04, 2009

Anxious for nothing...'s the fourth of July! Today I woke up with tension in my know when you don't sleep well apparently and your neck feels like you were clenched up all night long? As I sat there feeding Jossalyn this morning I realized that I was still tensed up!! I even was tensing up my feet as I sat there!

I just let out a quiet prayer of helplessness "God...What is it? Why am I so tense? Give me your me to relax..." As I started working on being conscious of how I was sitting and if each muscle was tensed up...letting them loosen and so on....I realized that I am anxious.

Usually physical symptoms such as these, with me, are a sign of something going on inside. If my mind and heart are busy with something then my physical body reflects it...of course. So while I was trying to loosen up and the thought of getting more sleep and exercising more crossed my mind...those are only surface fixes.

The truth is...I'm anxious! Anxious about what? Well...that's a good as I seek the Lord this to not be anxious for anything and to trust Him with every situation...I pray that you too are anxious for nothing and trust Him with everything...