Wednesday, December 22, 2004

13 Days until we leave for Thailand!

Wow! You know...I knew getting ready to leave for Thailand was going to be alot of work but I don't think I knew it would be THIS much work! We've had 3 garage sales! Oh...I suppose I need to make an introduction to my new blog.

My name is Stephanie Blake. My husband, son and I are moving to Thailand to be full-time missionaries in Hat Yai, Thailand. We are extremely excited!! I plan on keeping up-to-date news on what it's like selling everything...leaving everyone...and embracing our new mission. I hope to offer insight to anyone who is interested in coming to Thailand, going to the mission field without any support (by an organization or a church) or to offer insight into why in the world would someone do what we've done! :)

I'm going to write in this blog in kind of a journal type style so that I can have a place to express myself. I hope you enjoy! I'll be writting again very very soon! I must go for now. May you be blessed!

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Eternally His,