Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Praise Report - Scooter Accident!!!

Sawatdee ka!

We just got an internet card again! I don’t have long to post right now because I’m heading off to the FIRE house to prepare for tonight. I just wanted to get this praise report up before I left! Oh…by the way thank you to all of those who put a comment on my last post!!! I really appreciate it! Ok…let me share what God did so that all the glory can go to Him!

About 3 nights ago John and I got home really late and the vendors were already closed so he went out to find food. While he was gone this is what happened in his words:

“I just prayed for a dead man…he’s not dead any more. He got hit on his scooter;
he was laid out on the ground with a puddle of blood around his head. There was
a lot of people there. I was at the back of the red light when it happened. He
was not breathing and completely limp. I walked up and grabbed his arm and
prayed. It was very chaotic, people yelling and crying no cops where there yet.
He laid there and I tried to help carry him but two guys picked him up and put
him on a scooter with them to take him to the hospital.

They left and I went back to my bike. I went to the ER at 4 different hospitals none had any scooter accidents except for one. It looked like the same guy but I could not
tell for sure but this guy was talking and coherent!! I can’t say for sure if it
was him but that was the only guy who had come in at any hospitals in Hatyai
from a scooter accident. The one guy I found was about 30 and from a scooter
wreck. There was no one else with that description and the guy had a gash in his
head on the side that was touching the ground and his knees where cut up like
the guy I prayed for. But this guy was breathing and talking! Praise God!"

John also told me that he had made a decision to go a different way that night and if he hadn’t decided to go that way he would not have been there. God is good! OK…I have lots to write and I will try to get on tomorrow. We have started our Thai lessons and it is extremely challenging!!! I’ll write again soon!