Sunday, November 27, 2005

Everyday piddling...

Wow - Jude is 11 days old today! I can't believe it! We received a package from my brother and sister-in-law the day before yesterday and I can not tell you how exciting it was!!!! We had been checking the PO box everyday for like a week so when the box finally came it was euphoric. Sounds crazy huh? My friends brought the box from the post office for me (we share the PO box) and John wasn't home. We generally have a strict rule that we NEVER open up packages from America unless we're both present because opening a care package is like being a kid at Christmas again...

But...JOHN wasn't home....ugg...My friends were like "It's just baby clothes right? John won't care to see baby clothes!!! Just open it! Come on..." What did I do? I caved like a baby!!! I got a knife and opened that baby was awesome! My brother told me he was sending some baby clothes and I got the impression it wasn't going to be all that much but when I opened up that box I found 4 wal-mart bags full of baby clothes and some stuffed animals!! OH it was wonderful!

Jude has been cycling through about 5 outfits and like I told my brother...between spontaneous peeing...and spiting up it can be hard to keep a kid dress with only 5 outfits. hahaha...this package was an answer to prayer and not only were there lots of clothes - these clothes ARE CUTE! They're adorable!

So...John got home and was a little miffed that I had opened it without him but soon got over it and realized that it wasn't that big of a deal because it was baby clothes...hahaha. He was just glad that we got the baby clothes.

Things are just off for us right now...not going out to the villages...not going to team meetings...being stuck in this house for 11 days straight!!! AHH! I've only gone downstairs 3 times so far. It just feels strange and at times it feels like we're slacking off but I know in truth we're not...a pregnant lady has to recover right??? LOL...We just want to be responsible with our time because people are supporting us according to how God has led them and it is important that we are good stewarts with our time and that we are diligent with the ministry God has set before us.

Anyway, just a few thoughts that I've been dealing with. I know that once I'm able to fend for myself we'll be back on the ball :) We've been missing home a lot lately...not bad enough to think about returning...because we know we are were we are supposed to be...but we've been missing America pretty badly. It really is a crazy thing being away from America - I think it's only until you've lived out of America that you can really appreciate it's conveniences and pleasantries. I was playing around and I came up with a list of things I genuinely miss:

Things I miss about America:
* Bathtubs
* Central Heating and Air
* Dryers
* Doritos
* Customer Service
* White and Black people
* Wal-Mart!!!
* Dr. Pepper
* The right side of the road (yes we drive on the left)
* My son being a normal little boy (here he's a superstar)
* A time when traffic laws ment something (all traffic signs are just suggestions here)
* Being able to order food and get what you ordered (they like to give you what they think you
really want...go figure..."I want a 2 chicken breasts please"..."oh here ya is a chicken
leg and some rice...surely you don't want 2 chicken breasts...??")
* Clothes that aren't the size of a 14 year old girl
* Being able to communicate with people I love with my voice rather than fingers...
* Josiah knowing his family face to face rather than through webcam
* Most of all - my family and friends...

Please don't think I'm complaining about any of the things up there. We know where God has set us to be and what He has told us to do...but there will always be the little things that make it bitter sweet. I am so thankful for how great we do have it here...there are many missionaries who live out in a hut and don't live in a city like we do...some of them don't even have electricity! Sure there are some things that we don't have here but there are many things that we are blessed and do have and I am so thankful for those things.

Welp, I'm going to go eat some food that John has so graciously cooked! Have I mentioned my husband can COOK!! YUMM YUMM...I joke around saying "maybe I should have a baby more often if it means you'll cook more...hehehehe" Well, I love you all and thank you so much for your love and support.

Signing off from the other side of the world...


BungerFamily said...

Glad the clothes are going to work out. Please keep pictures coming!

Steve, Annie, & Braden