Monday, March 20, 2006

Here is the picture that I told you about below. I just LOVE it...What do you think? There are more pictures after that long don't forget to check them out. Thanks for reading!
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BungerFamily said...


Nice picture. I wish mom was reading this, the computer of yours that she was using was not working out so they had to drop the Internet. I am working on geting them a brand new computer, so for now I print out the blog for her or she reads it when she comes up to see Braden. We sent Jude some more clothes, hopefully you will be getting them soon. By the time they get there, he may outgrow them...They are mostly 6mos and up, I think to 9 mos so hopefully this will hold him for a while. Everyone is good here, mom finally re-tiled her kitchen. Braden is doing good - 18 1/2lbs good. He is pulling himself up and standing pretty good on his own. We are all just working and getting along...Hope all is well there...Write when you can!