Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Josiah, Jame, Oscar and Asia all sitting down watching Josiah's early birthday present from grandma Blake. Josiah requested "Micky Mouse in Ingwish" (translation: Micky Mouse in English) Dawn came to the rescue. The great thing about this video is that there isn't much english so the Thai kids love it too! Oscar is the son of CheAnn - who came to know Jesus about 2 months ago - he was handed a track and sent in the card.

CheAnn has been touched by God and has taken down all of the idols in his home! His face just glows when he talks about God and what he has done and is doing in his life. His wife, Pii Mam, doesn't know the Lord yet but she is open and we're sharing everything with her and she sees the huge difference in her husbands life. Jame is a boy on his own. His parents don't know where he is half the time (and don't really care). We met him through the outreach in Baan Phrut...and any chance he has he is with us. He comes to church every Sunday. He's sweet boy who is hungry for the love of anyone.

I made Fruit Punch Kool Aid from America and gave them a PopTart (a specialty item here - got some in a carepackage John's grandparents sent us) for them to share. Jame was thrown off by the Kool Aid...he just kept asking "What is this? What kind of drink is this?" He couldn't drink it...Oscar on the other hand drank it down and had a big red mustache like the rest of the kids. The PopTarts were a hit!!
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