Sunday, September 24, 2006

In limbo...Thaksin...Revolution...

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update - we found a contact at the Thai Consulate that can get us a 1 year visa in 3 days but we have not heard back from him. If we don't hear back from him before Wednesday then we will have to push our dates back. We are trusting God to take care of this situation in whatever way he sees fit - either way we're Thailand bound.

And I also wanted to tell you guys that Prime Minister Thaksin IS the bad guy. We have been seeing a lot of news media coverage that has said that either they didn't know who was the bad guy or they thought it was wrong for the Thai government to be ousting Thaksin and "taking a step back on democracy"...but what do you do when democracy isn't working and there are corrupt people in office controling everything and destroying lives...??? You start a revolution to bring forth change and that is what the Thai military with the backing of the King are doing.

Almost every Thai person I know in Thailand has been wanting Thaksin out of office and there was a big deal about 4 months before we left and he was supposed to be out of office but he's STILL THERE! There were protests and huge rallys and everything...

I spoke with a dear Thai friend of mine over the internet last night and she was excited about what she called the "revolution" and was glad Thaksin was going to be gone.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are 7 days away from returning back to Thailand!! :) I'm so excited! Thank you for reading - please check back often - I am going to be keeping this updated the best I can...

With much love,