Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UPDATE - Thai Military attempting to seize control of government

The Thai military is attempting to seize power against Thaksin:

Here are 2 articles talking about what is going on:
Fox News:,2933,214498,00.html Article - Click Here

John and I will update when we know more - please pray for whatever is about to happen to happen PEACEFULLY! No Thai bloodshed in Jesus name! Also please pray for our family/team in Thailand...the Garsee's are there and our dear friend/family Micheal Melton...and for everything to work out for our return...

Thank you so much!


crystal lowery said...

stephy its crystal please know that our prayers r with you and your team and family please tell them that people that dont know them are constantly keeping them in our prayers. please keep us posted and if you need any thing let us know
loving him always
Eddie,crystal and kayd lowery

Megan Mahan said...

How scary it must be for all of you right now! Will keep you in my daily thoughts.

Megan Mahan said...

How scary it must be for ALL of you! Will keep you in my daily thoughts.

Scott said...

Hi, I will keep your family in my prayers. I wish you the best there. Take care.