Thursday, September 06, 2007

Martin Luther

On our second day of homeschooling Josiah learned about Martin Luther and how he confronted the religious leadership of that day to speak the truth of the word of God and he was so inspired he said..."MOMMY...Stop...I have to draw something...I just have to..." I am a very on task kind of mommy so I had to resist from stopping him and staying "on track" and realize this was his personal expression of what he was learning...his way of communication and this wonderful little picture is what resulted.

YES that IS the German flag! We saw that when we researched where Martin Luther was from online and it ended up in the picture! It's amazing what children can learn! I originally thought this would be way over his head and he wouldn't be interested but boy was I wrong! He LOVED that Martin Luther fought for the truth and that he spoke out for the Lord. Thank you God!

(So what you see above is a church with the religious leaders listening to Martin Luther (on the far left) telling the truth of the Word of God...the words at the bottom were dictated by Josiah.