Monday, September 17, 2007

Update...New Look...Ticker at the top...

Hello everyone!

Time has been flying by each day. No matter how hard I try to hang on to each hour they seem to slip by with ease. Nevertheless, God is moving and we are staying on track...with home school, language study, ministry and just life in general. It's definiately not easy at times but God always gives the grace that we need to continue on.

Our church is doing very well and our teams disciples are really following hard after God and his will for their lives. We are about to jump into a month long evangelistic out reach that will keep us very busy in October.

I have mentioned it before - Bless Hat Yai. We are very excited about this next month - we could very possibly be showing the Jesus Film every night of the week and passing out tracts during the day...well, after language of course. By next month I would be willing to bet that 95% of Hat Yai will either know the story of Jesus or have heard his name for the first time.

I know...that's a big claim but that is our hope. We are working with almost all the churches in Hat Yai and this month they are ALL dedicated to reaching out and making the name of Jesus known!!

I can't believe it but it's almost time to have to renew our visas! We have to renew our visas before January 2008 or else we are booted from the country! Thailand changed it's visa laws last year and foreigners can no longer live in their country for extended periods of time without leaving the country to renew their visas.

So...that means that in December we MUST once again defeat the odds and prove that our God makes the "impossible" possible. We do not receive enough money each month to save anything...we always have what we need but hardly ever over and if it is over we usually find that the following month is lower than normal and the excess is used appropriatly.

There is no possible way for us to come up with this money on our, join with us as we watch God work yet another financial miracle. Everyday is a financial miracle in our lives. I never really share specific financial information but for the glory of our God...we some how managed to live off of $286 dollars last month when we normally need at least $800!!! Is that not amazing? I was shocked when I realized it myself!

We ate everyday...bought groceries...we bought diapers as normal...paid our bills...even had some good ice cream...and never noticed that it was less than we normally need! Praise God!

Please keep an eye on our new ticker at the top of our blog and be praying for us at December draws near. The "Make a Donation" button at the bottom of that ticker is set so that if you click on it to make a donation it will be marked for our "Visa Trip" only. If you wish to make a general donation then use the donation button on the right side bar. Thank you for reading as always and please feel free to email or leave a comment! We LOVE hearing from you!