Friday, November 07, 2008

UMO visitation...that's short for HUGE ELEPHANT

We saw a UMO (Unidentified MASSIVE Object) heading our way out the second glance I saw that it was an ELEPHANT in our neighborhood. This is a first. So I get to report that this morning we were visited by an elephant! The thing would have come into my house if it were possible. It was sooo beautiful...and 6 months pregnant.
Here are some photos and I'll put up a video later.

The elephant at our gate.
We hadn't decided to open the gate yet...we were concerned about the temperment of the elephant. I was once almost seriously injured by a young spunky one downtown one time.
We opened the gate and in he came...he would have kept coming if that guy would have let him. Good thing he didn't go too much farther...would have knocked that guy right off.

This lady was so sweet and was practicing her english with us. She's holding sugar cane that you can purchase for 20 baht (about .58 cents) to feed the elephant.

As the elephant went on to wow some other people the guy stood up on his back. Josiah and Jude thought that was the coolest...


Anonymous said...

When we went to Africa I wanted to see an elephant so badly and never did...I cannot imagine getting to see them so close!

Barb said...

What a fun experience! I love that last picture with the boys both turned, watching it as far as they can. That's so sweet.

Barb said...

Hey, Steph.... TAG!! You're it!

See my blog for details.