Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am so blessed this morning...God is just so incredible and I feel his presence surrounding me. I have been at a loss for words when I sit down to post on the blog although my mind is filled with things I want to does that happen? hehehe...but I wanted to write and just let you know that John has returned from his month long trip overseas and we are SOOO glad to have him home.

The trip went wonderful and I was so encouraged by all the testimonies and the experiences they had. I'm encouraged by the testimonies that are still pouring in. Right now I am just so moved by the and blessed by the fact that I am able to be in service to our King.

I imagine back in the olden days when Kings reigned...wait...what am I saying? They still do reign in some places...but I picture it back in the day when knights, queens and kings were apart of life...and I think about the Thai people and the pride the feel in their hearts about their king.

They do not speak against the king...or of his business. They are reverent even to photoes of the king...the great pride that they have for their king is moving...and today I am walking in the reality that I am a daughter of the King of Kings and He is the most just...the most good...the most righteous...and I am HONORED to be in His service...

Glory to God!!! My life is for you Jesus...may I lay it all down...may I continually forsake the things of this world...and my find more of you...may I seek you in the truth that nothing else is worth seeking when compared to your majesty. All for you King Jesus!