Friday, April 03, 2009

little ol' update

Wow. So I thought I'd have all this extra time to write while John was gone in Indonesia and Malaysia but it just didn't happen! John has been gone for almost a month! We have never been apart this long and let me tell you...I don't ever want to do it again...unless God says so.

It has been suprisingly easy...and suprisingly hard at different times. I really have grown a strong respect for wifes of service men...they go months without their husbands!!! MONTHS!!! AHH!! I was speaking to one of them a few days ago and she said that I had made it through the rough part. She said that after a month you get into a routine and it's easier but that first month is the hardest...

I have to say this last week was easier...and it's true...we had found a routine...but God help us if anything upset that routine!!! LOL! Poor Joss has been sick the past few days...2 ear infections...a bad cough that the dr. called "croopie"...hehehe...and a rash across her face! Poor baby...

The boys and I thought John was coming home yesterday so I woke them up with "Daddy's coming home today!!!" and they jumped out bed like jumping beans. I wish I could get that response every morning from Josiah. But unfortunately I found out a few hours later that John wouldn't be home until today.

The boys were in the other room drawing pictures for Daddy when I found out. After I told them...Josiah cried! It about broke my heart. They are ready for Daddy to be home!!! I had so many stories to write to you but I'm afraid I have lost all but one. I'll try to post that one tomorrow.

Have you ever tried to explain the trinity to a 6 year old? VERY VERY VERY Yesterday Josiah was sitting there and he said "If babies keep coming and coming...then how are we all going to end up in heaven or hell Mom? Does it just keep going and going?" I told him that the bible tells us that one day Jesus will come back...and he then asked..."well, then who will be in heaven?" and I said God and he said "But he's gonna come back could he be in heaven and come back..." at that point I contemplated teaching him the word opted to say this instead "well, God is three in one. It's a little hard to understand...many adults don't even get it." He then said "but Jesus is the bestest of the three right? He's like the superhero right Mom?"

Hahaha...Jesus IS the ultimate SUPERHERO! :) I am really missing Thailand this week...I started speaking ONLY Thai to the kids while we were getting ready to go and they LOVED IT! I know this might sound weird but sometimes things are just easier said in Thai...and funner too. But as much as I am missing thailand I am so blessed to be where we are right now.

I'm excited about John's trip to Indonesia/Malaysia with his sounds like it went awesome...and I can't wait to hear more. I am also excited about the opportunities God has given me to be here with my friends and family...encouraging they encourage me.

I am working on a drama with a group of people at church to do this easter sunday and I had totally forgotten how much I love much of a passion it is of mine. But unfortunately...the drama that I feel like we should not finished. I am horrible at choreography and that's what we need. I need someone to help figure out some sort of hand motions to music and I'm just terrible at it. But I know God will come up with something or show me what to do.

I can't wait....drama is such a powerful tool. Well, I am going to cut this pitiful post short and leave you with a quote from my bible study this morning:

"They had covered their insecurities with a blanket of sameness. The absence of a fresh encounter with God had them clutching to what they had left: the law."

Oh Lord...let me never be found clutching to lies because of the absence of your presence...I will seek you with all that I am...


Brittany Jones said...

I love reading your updates! You are such a role model for my life!