Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yard Sale Items

When: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 1pm - 7pm

Where: MooBaan Intarachitchai...House number 79/365

We live off of Doi Saket road in Moobaan Intarachitchai. It's across from Horizon Village/Botanical Gardens. If you are on Doi Saket road going toward Doi Saket and you keep your eyes to the left you will see a old gas station sign "MP" the "MP" sign is where you will turn right into our moobaan.

Once you turn right you will make a left. You will drive through some speed bumps and curves and make your first left. You will see the office on your left and a big purple house...make a right. From there you will go about 4 streets down and see balloons leading you to our house...

Contact: John or Stephanie 053-867473

Here is a general list of things that will be at our yard sale this Saturday(some items are pictures below):
  • games (SOLD)
  • spices
  • 2 blow dryers (really nice Philips Salan Pro 2100W ceramic with difuser and national 2800w)
  • Baby GIRL clothes
  • 2 beautiful fancy baby girl dresses
  • Womans and Mens clothes (not a whole lot)
  • boppy pillow
  • floaties
  • lots of books (Christian books, preschool and 1-2nd grade books, some homeschooling books also)
  • lots of hair care products hardly used from America
  • bed sheets
  • baby bed
  • baby bath
  • plates
  • stepping stool
  • paints
  • hair roller set (used and worn but still good)
  • hair clipper set
  • breast pump (very good madela battery operated, double pump in carrying bag)
  • rice cooker (SOLD)
  • crock pot (SOLD)
  • basket
  • organizing divider
  • towels
  • few rugs
  • diaper bag
  • a few pair of shoes for kids
  • table
  • toys
  • MEMORY FOAM pad for your king size bed (like sleeping on a cloud, from America)