Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beebee up Josiah's Nose!!!

We had an eventful evening tonight.  I was getting the boys ready to go get some food and I turned around to tend to Jude and all of a sudden I hear Josiah behind me screaming.  I turn around and he’s blowing his nose and rubbing it like crazy.  Josiah had stuck an air soft beebee pellet up his NOSE!!!  It’s a small yellow beebee.  

It must have been laying around from one of the times that John was playing with the Garsee boys.  That thing would not come out for anything.  I finally got Josiah calmed down and we tried blowing his nose for about 5 minutes and I realized that that little ball was not coming out any time soon.

I called John and informed him that I was going to take him to the hospital.  It was so far back in his nose that I couldn’t see it unless I had light shining in his nose and he had his head tilted way back.  I was a little worried.  My imagination started running about it slipping back into the unknown and my little man having a beebee lodged in his head.  

We got into the car and headed to the government hospital here praying all the way.  John met us there.  I wanted to take him to the nice hospital where Jude was born but it would have been too much money that we don’t have right now.  By the time we had arrived Josiah had calmed down and you wouldn’t know he had a beebee stuck up his nose if we weren’t there to tell you.  The emergency room waiting area and reception is completely open…there are no walls.  

John said “You know you’re in a hospital in Thailand when you have to fight off bugs while you wait in the emergency room”.  As we were waiting we had to fight off bugs.  Every time we turned around we had a flying ant landing on us…or we were dodging a gigantic beetle that was flying around.  We sat in a small room listening to a little boy being treated because of a cut…the poor boy was screaming with all his might.  Bi Leew Bi Leew…Mai Aow Mai Aow…(go away…go away…I don’t want it…I don’t want it…)  

It didn’t scare Josiah though…he was having too much fun with the flashlights that they keep on their desks to check people out.  While we were waiting John and I pondered laying him on the bench and using my handy dandy finger nail kit to tweeze that ball out ourselves…but we thought better of it.  After a good wait a Dr. showed up and spoke pretty decent English…they laid Josiah on a bed in the wide open Emergency room and wrapped him up like a worm so he couldn’t move.

We really had an audience then.  Josiah enjoyed the worm part and even laughed at the first attempt to retrieve the ball (because it tickled).  They wedged open his nostril, used a weird looking pair of tweezers and out it came!  Josiah was screaming by then because it apparently doesn’t feel too good having your head held down while someone wedges your nostril open.  He got up and shed a few tears and was over it in a flash.  

They gave me the beebee to keep as a souvenir.  I’m going to put it in Josiah’s baby book when we get to the states…I still can’t believe he stuck that beebee up his nose.  Here’s the kicker…we visited the emergency room and had this done for a little over $3 dollars (125 baht)!!!!!  Can you believe that?  $3 dollars!  And that’s with two huge bottles of medicine that they insisted that we buy (they didn’t believe me when I told them that there was only one beebee so they wanted him to take medicine to fight infection if there were more that went into his stomach).  It’s a good thing too!  

Well, I just wanted to share about Josiah’s run in with a beebee.  Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Fun is just beginning Stephanie! By the grace of God my two boy's 35 & 32 now made it through adolescent and teen years! Praise God I was starting my walk with Him when they were in 5 and 8. I always so aware of Him watching over them. They both came so close to death many time. There Angels did double duty! God Bless! Joan

BungerFamily said...

That happened to my sister too when she was little. I guess some things are meant to be repeated.
Annie Bunger

souljourne said...

Steph, When I was in college I worked at a child devolopment center. We had a little boy in the 2 yr. old class whose dad was an EMT. Well one day he got a pebble from the play ground stuck up his nose and his dad, on the ambulance, had to come remove it. Once he figured out that his dad would come up to the school-----we had to watch him like a hawk---he was constantly shoving stuff up his nose!!!! Anyway, bless your heart!!!! Glad y'all are all okay!!! Love ya,

BungerFamily said...

Way to go Josiah...!!! I once accidently shot a friend in the neck with a beebee. Good thing it didn't get wedged too deep. All part of growing up a boy. Hang in there, it only gets better.


souljourne said...


Anonymous said...

You are getting to be quite the story-teller Stephanie!

I haven't come on here for quite some time, apologizingly said. So I read the top, and I realized what you all had been up to basically so I scrolled down to the bottom and read this "you are there" story.

We've been in the tropics just enough to understand, as best we can, what you mean.

We have had quite a few object incidents ourselves (with 10 children) - it's not ever really fun, either. LOL!

Bless you - keep on writing!
Shannon Glimpse