Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Videos!!!! Finally!!!

Hey everyone!

I figured out and successfully uploaded some videos and you can view them by clicking below:
They are all .asf files...I know if you have Windows Media Player you will be able to view these videos. Enjoy!

A home in the village
Another home in the village

Kids in the village

Dog Danger - One of the dangers John faces when he goes out is the dogs. They are loose, aggressive and unfamiliar with white faces.

RawngPlengGan - This means singing together. While they were out in the village they came across a house that had one of our yellow Jesus signs hanging on their home. They had taken it from when we posted them up at a busy intersection. These people have been Christian for many years and were very excited to see us. They sang 'How Great Thou Art' together in Thai.

Village View - Here is a quick pan of one of the roads and house that John walked down in this village. The lady and other guy you see are a couple that have come here for 3 months to help out on their internship from FIRE school of ministry.

Ru Leew - This means 'already know'. This is a short video of the family I mentioned before telling us their testimony of how God healed this lady from disease. Clinton is translating while John films.

Your Gospel - A clip of Clinton quoting Curry Blake (John's dad) as they prepare to go out to the villages.

Josiah Blowing Out His Candles - Here is Josiah from his 4th birthday blowing out his candles (April 16th).

Jude Smiling - I finally caught Jude smiling on camera!! Here it is... **Sorry this one isn't working yet. It turns out the file is a .mov and I'm having trouble getting it to play online. :) I'll be posting more videos and pictures soon! Thanks for reading!!!!! Steph


BungerFamily said...


the last link to Jude smiling takes you to Thailand for Christ home page...


The Blakes said...

Thanks Bubba!! Turns out that file was .mov so I had typed the link in wrong...still can't get it to play though. I've got some other great ones of Jude that I'm going to put up (hopefully) tomorrow. But unfortunately, as soon as that boy sees a camera it's all serious business and no smiles. He just focuses on grabbing the camera. Welp, love you!!!

The Blakes said...

OH and just to let everyone know - I had to turn comment moderation on because someone decided to come on the site and start putting nonsense on the comments. Your comments will go up just not as fast as normal :) Thanks for commenting!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, they are wonderful!
We are anxious to see you when you come to the states.

Sending LOVE to ALL
(AJ and N)

Anonymous said...

The videos are great! I love keeping updated on your work through your blog. Thanks so much for letting us share in your work.
Teresa Howard
Sherman, Texas