Monday, September 24, 2007

Back and READY to BLOG!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted and that's been because I've been away!!!

Josiah and I went away to visit a friend of mine up in Baan Nam Khem while John and Jude held down the fort. I had it in my head that I just wanted to get to know this fellow missionary and see how she does what she does where she is and hopefully answer some of my questions about the average 5 year old (because I don't have access to any! In English of course!). She has 3 children...all pretty close in age...2 twin boys and a beautiful girl. I also really wanted Josiah to be able to play with her children. He's been going through some stuff since the Stubenrauch's went away on furlough taking Josiah's only english speaking friends with them (Asia and Mercy). I was desperate to know and see how her life was lived out on the mission field (homeschool, ministry, managing her home) and really wanted to get to know her.

She's a gorgeous girl (don't blush if you're reading Amy!) with a tenasity for our Lord and an awesome sense of humor. It was such a HUGE blessing on so many levels to be able to visit there in Baan Nam Khem. The main thing was that it turned out that it wasn't just my idea to go visit her (which I've never done before) God had planned it! I was completely shocked and in awe of what God had in store.

I came back completely refreshed and restored!! I didn't even know that I needed refreshing!!!! God, through her husband, spoke things and about things that I had been feeling and going through that only God knew and said things that only John and I had talked about and no one could have known. God spoke and reminded us of the fact that HE ALONE has called us here and HE has plans for us and is continually working them toward his will.

So! Anyway, I will be writing again tomorrow. I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know I'm back and ready to BLOG! :) Thanks for reading as always and thank you for your prayers!!! Don't forget to check out the video below.