Monday, September 08, 2008

Co-op blessing and videos

Today was a full but wonderful day. I had the opportunity to take Josiah to the co-op today and it was so great as usual. I was especially blessed by what was shared today before the day began. The lady was simply speaking about being a friend of God and of others. She began by speaking about what it means to give your life for a friend.

She told a story of a brave soldier who was fighting in the war and he threw himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. She then went on to talk about the natural born willingness in men to give their lives for their family and about how no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for another.

She then began to tell a story of a man who's wife came down with altimers disease and some other complications. This man had a huge ministry and many counseled him to put her in a home so he could continue on with his life.

At his resignation he gave this speech:

"I haven't in my life experienced easy decision making on major decisions. But one of the simplest and clearest decisions I've had to make is this one, because circumstances dictated it. Muriel now in the last couple of months seems to be almost happy when with me, and almost never happy when not with me.

In fact she seems to feel trapped, becomes very fearful, sometimes almost in terror, and when she can't get to me there can be anger, she's in distress. But when I am with her she's happy and contented. And so I must be with her at all times.

And you see, it's not only that I promised in sickness and in health, till death do us part, and I am a man of my word, but as I have said, I don't know with this group, but I have said publicly, it's the only fair thing. She sacrificed for me for forty years, to make my life possible.

So if I cared for her for forty years, I would still be in debt. However, there is much more. It's not that I have to, it's that I GET to. I love her very dearly, and you can tell it's not easy to talk about. She is a delight. It's a great honor to care for such a wonderful person."

After hearing that story she then stated: "Sometimes it's an easier thought to die for someone than it is to truly live for someone..." I started thinking about that and really letting it sink in and I thought of what it means to truly give your life for someone...and I started thinking about my husband and my children. What God had me take away from listening this morning was nothing truly deep but it was really transforming for me.

Each moment of my day is a moment to give my life for my husband and not getting frustrated when it seems I have every life is ultimately given up to my savior...that's a given. But in my every I give my life for those I love with all my heart?

I just wanted to share that with you guys and pray that you ask yourselves if you are loving those around you like Jesus would have you love them? Smile a little bigger...give someone else the big someone just to bless them...give a gift that says I the dishes for your wife...just love them like Jesus...

I'm encouraged so much by this opportunity to be reminded to give it my all...for the glory of our God. With that thought...I'll leave you with a few videos from church this last Sunday. Please forgive the bad filming...I was trying to be
inconspicuous as not to distract anyone.

Worship at my teachers church...

This is a video from the other night...John and I were looking up an oldie but a goodie and daddy started lipsynching for Joss and this was her response...


Kenneth said...

Dear Stephanie:
Hi; I'm Bishop Ken Myers from Christ Church Cathedral in Sherman, TX. Tiffany Weiss is part of our congregation and was telling me a bit about your ministry. I'd love to know more about you guys. You can email me at, and you can check up on what Tiffany is involved in by going to and Drop me an email and let me know more about your work there in Thailand.

God bless,
Bishop Ken

Kate McDonald said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Nice music, by the way *grin*

Meggan said...

That last video of John and Joss is absolutely adorable! I also just loved reading this whole post. Your thoughts challenged me too! Thanks for sharing! :)