Friday, January 13, 2006

John is still away....Through Gates of Splendor

Well, John is still away in Chiang Mai and it's just not the same around here without him...of course. We miss him horribly!!! I was able to speak with him today for the first time and he sounded so full of life even though the things he was telling me didn't sound so fun! He said that are in extremely remote villages that are a lot like Indian villages.

Most of them have a chief and many of them don't even speak Thai - they have their own language. The man that he is working with has the Jesus video in their language and they travel and show it 2-3 times a day in the mountains and villages. John said it is freezing where they are (northern Thailand) which is amazing to me because we have done nothing but sweat since we arrived here (southern Thailand - Hat Yai) back in January of 2005!!!

I was relieved to hear his voice and I know that he's doing well but I can't wait to have him back home on Monday! Please do keep John and Clinton in your prayers - I don't know if you know the story of Jim Elliot...his wife wrote a book called "Through the gates of splendor" and he was traveling to untouched villages as well and he and his other missionary friends were martyred by the Waorani people...I'll let you read about it here if you would like - it is truly an inspiring story:
Beyond Gates of Splendor

I do not fear but the reality is that John and Clinton are reaching out to people who are just as remotely located and are just as raw. So please keep them in your prayers...Thanks for reading!

Once again...with much love....