Saturday, January 07, 2006

PayPal...Night Market...Prayer Requests

Hello Everyone!

If you have tried to use make a donation through PayPal before January 5th and it didn't work you can try again now. We were having some problems but they are fixed now. :)

I wanted to post some quick prayer requests:

- The day before yesterday we went to a government hospital here and visited a 44 year old woman named Ghaow. She was a construction worker and fell from 5 stories up! She punctured her lung and they found out she has stomach cancer when she went in. She has been in the hospital for 1 month. Katherine and I went in to visit her with 2 young Thai believers who visit her - they are the only ones who have been visiting her.

When we came in she seemed to be in a lot of discomfort - she informed us that she can't eat anything solid and that she was proud because she washed her hair by herself that day. We spoke with her for a while and then prayed for her. We were going to return again the next day to visit her and bring her some soy milk but the 2 girls called us and told us her family had finally come and gotten her and moved her to a hospital closer to them a couple hours away from us. We gave her some tracks to read which has our contact information in it. So we can no longer visit Ghaow but I am asking that you pray that WHEN she is healed that she would recognized and give glory to the God that healed her.

- There is a guy named Cha Yan that received one of the tracks that we passed out and sought out information - he has now come to know the Lord and has been coming to the FIRE house to learn more about Jesus...please keep this new brother in your prayers. There are many hard things that Thai Christians face here because they live in a country that is 98% Buddhist.

- Every Saturday Pii Thak goes to the night market to minister to the children of the people who work in the night market. The children are left to do whatever they want to do in this place and they are usually have no parental guidance whatsoever. So every Saturday I am starting to go out with Pii Thak and Katherine again to minister to these children. It is incredible to see - when we arrive they all gather around screaming out "Ba Thak Ba Thak" Which means Aunt Thak! They love Pii Thak and Katherine and they have stolen my heart this last time and I hope they will come to know and love me as they do Pii Thak and Katherine. So the prayer request is that God will bring forth inspired ideas on how to continue to reach these children and the most effective way to continue to teach them about Jesus and the love of God.

I'm going to leave you with some pictures from this last Saturday - check out the little one in the red shirt - she was all over me all night long. These kids are desperate for attention and love.

Thanks for reading!

With Love!!!!