Sunday, January 29, 2006

What meal would you choose?

Quick entry:  Tonight after John came home from the village Mike, John and I were sitting at the table chatting and John posed a question:

“If you were here for 5 years and you could only have 1 meal from home – what would be the one meal???”….and the results were….:

Mike: Sonic extra long cheese coney, onion rings, and a route 44 ocean water!!!  Don’t forget the mustard and onions please…wait I wanna take that back.  2 liter of Dr. Pepper!!!  

John: 5 for $5 Arby’s melt with cheddar, large curly frie and a JUMBO Coke…on second thought…I think I’ll change that to Boneless Buffalo wings from Applebees with a basket of fries and a coke.  

Steph: Taco Bueno’s Chilada Platter, JUMBO Dr PEPPER!!!, with lots of chips and salsa please!  And no…I don’t want to change my mind!!!

So all of you who are reading out there….eat some Sonic, Applebees and Taco Bueno for us please!  


BungerFamily said...

I will do it! Eating is part of my daily duties. Consider this taken care of. Steve we are going out to eat!!!!

souljourne said...

Y'all are sooo funny!!! Hmmm....I'm trying to decide what I would choose. I guess there is no way to know what I would miss the most. Those are all good (and Hannah) I'm a Taco Bueno girl myself!!!

BungerFamily said...

Bad news....The Arby's melts went up...they are 5 for 5.95 now. Hated it be the one to break it to you...Steve-0

The Blakes said...

Now THAT is funny! $5.95 really??? UGG! It just doesn't have the same ring to it does it? 5 for $5.95...what is this world coming to????!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Blake family.

This was such a great are sooo real!!!

I will let all you American friends do the eating for you.

Jude is so adorable...Josiah is cute as ever. I love the pictures with Katherine & Phi Thak as well. I miss Thailand and I feel like I just spent a day with you guys!!! Thanks for the pics and the reminders of what my life will be like in 8 months...elephants, funny smells, lots of children and a language barrier....but most importantly...sharing Jesus!!!

Lots of love,