Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Selling Fruit...Durian...

Hello All!

John was unable to show the Jesus film at that dump site the other day...they have to wait until they receive permission. They were directed to the perfect place to show the film but it turns out that that area is government owned so they must receive permission first. They should be able to show it within the next week.

Well I helped Pii On at her shop tonight for a few hours and it was sooo busy! Thai people LOVE fruit! Here are some pics from today. I'm attempting to upload a quick video I shot tonight. I hope it works.
I can finally ride our bike!! WAHOO! And boy do I love it!

That's me! It was really funny...sometimes people would stop and they would smile at me but wouldn't speak because they assumed I couldn't speak thai...then I would greet them and ask them how many kilos they want and they would be shocked! It is so fun to see the looks on their faces when they find out I can understand what they are saying about me....

THIS is durian. Ever heard of it? Well, it is one of the stinkiest if not THE stinkiest fruit in all the world. And you see those pokie things? THEY HURT! Like a cactus...I often wonder what the first person to eat a durian must have thought!! It hurts to try to open stinks when you finally get it open and the texture is so strange!! They must have been really hungry...

It smells so bad that they actually have signs in buildings prohibiting the fruit!! LOOK!

This is the actual Durian. You know, the people who like it really LOVE it. Like they crave it! The two other women on our team love it and go great lengths to get a "good one" and crave it like some women crave chocolate. It's rather expensive too and Thai's will spend a pretty penny/baht on it.

This is our wonderful friend Pii On. She is doing very well and is EXTREMELY busy throughout the day at her shop. Only 5 more days left and the Ngaan Gasset will be finished and she'll be finished with this madness. It really feels that way at I said the Thai people love their fruit and if it is priced well...whew...DO NOT get in the way of a Thai person who wants some cheap fruit! :)

Helping Pii On with this shop is a great opportunity...tonight a lady came up to me and just wanted to know everything about me...if I had a boyfriend, where I worked, why I was in Thailand...anyway, I was able to start talking to her about religion and about how Christianity is not the same as Buddhism and she just kept saying over and over...all religion is the same. As long as you go to the wat/temple and you are good person then that is enough. Anyway, while she definitly wasn't open to the gospel there were seeds planted.

Oh by the way! We have enough for Josiah's curriculum!!! I am so excited about ordering...I've been holding off a little while to re read a few emails that I was sent with tons of wonderful advice about curriculum and homeschooling in general. Between 7 people we raised $850 dollars for Josiah's school curriculum this year! I couple donated $550 dollars! It will take $767 dollars after shipping to get the curriculum here. I am so blessed that there is a little left over to do things with Josiah throughout the year...and purchase a few extra books for him.

I sat him down yesterday and explained to him what had happend. I told him that mommy and daddy didn't have enough money to buy him school books and his face got real sad and then I said "...but you know what Josiah? Mommy and Daddy prayed and asked God what to do and he told us and do you know what?" He was hanging on every word... "we wrote everyone we knew in America and asked if they felt like they should give to help buy your books and they did Josiah!" I showed him the books and he squealed with excitement.

Then he said "Momma...please make sure to tell them I said Thank You...k?" So...straight from the heart of my 5 year old son...and from ours...

Thank you...Thank you....Thank you....

*Kilyn and James
*Steve and Annie


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