Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

Selling Fruit

Add to My Profile | More Videos I never have no words on Wordless why should this time be any different? This is a short video from today...and there are some Thai words in there. Sorry...can't keep my mouth shut on Wordless Wednesday! :)


Michelle said...

I think this is an awsome idea.
I love learning about other cultures, so I'll just have to blogline ya now . . .
Have a happy WW!

Atasha said...

Do you speak Thai well? It seems to be such a difficult language.

Happy Wednesday

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

LOL I have a hard time leaving my WWs wordless too LOL The food looks yummy, though :)

Thanks for sharing & Happy WW! I hope you'll come visit mine at Coming to a Nursery Near You :)

Shana said...

This produce looks great.
Happy WW!!!

casual friday everyday said...

How neat! I've never been outside of the states so this was really fun to watch!

I did a video for WW, too. lol


LivingforGod said...

Wow...your Thai is really good; I can understand every word :). What was 18 baht? I wish I could buy some fruit through your video. I miss durian :). I love visiting your blog because it brings back so many memories. Yes, I miss Thailand.

Happy WW and God bless!

Marcia said...

Hi Stephanie

I lOVE Thailand. We visited in October last year ( and I would love to go back.

Where are you located? We were in Phuket

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Clutter Control Freak and
Marcia's take charge blog

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Oh wow! I loved the video. I like to learn about other cultures and what life is like outside of the states. HAPPY WW!

eastcoastlife said...

You are enjoying your life in Thailand! I would like to move to Thailand too. It will be in Changmai. I love the food there. Spicy!. :)
Happy WW!

Mommy Musings said...

That is SO cool! I am also guilty of words on WW! :)