Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinner Time...

While sitting at the table eating dinner tonight we were talking with our wonderful 5 year old Josiah and it went something like this:

Josiah: Daddy do you know that I looked on my calendar and everyday in October is gone today! I colored them all in! There are no more days...and we get to turn the page....

Daddy: Oh really?

Josiah: uh huh!

Mommy: What's next month Josiah? (thinking this would be a great opportunity to show my husband my wonderful homeschooling skills in action...HA!)

Josiah: ummm....uhhh....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Mommy: (thinking to myself...he's said it a million times before...why can't he remember? He just needs a hint...) It starts with the letter "n".

Josiah: Oh yeah! Nextember!

What a precious gem to put in my mommy bag... :)


Anonymous said...

What a precious memory to have of your son. It is times like these that you are on cloud 9 and only a Mommy can feel this special way. Love to all,Naomi