Saturday, October 27, 2007

SUN!!! Collecting money for the temple...

The sun is out!! I can not believe it! I can hang my clothes outside! I am a clothes washing woman today!! WAHOO! It is so nice to feel the sun on my skin again! I sent the boys straight outside to play and they returned red faced and in need of water within 10 minutes....ahhh...the Thai sun I have come to know and love is BACK! I had to remind myself that by around 4 or 5 it is sure to rain so don't get to attached. Rainy season isn't anywhere near finished.

Today I kept hearing drums in the neighborhood but kept missing whatever it was. But while I was checking on my ALMOST DRY *grin* clothes outside I saw it. So I jumped on the motorcycle and snapped some shots. What I found was a huge moving float that is put out by the wat (temple) every once in a while to go and collect money for the temple. So Thai people will run to the drums and go to the side of the float...wai the buddhist monk perched in there and drop their donation into a bucket while receiving "blessing" from the chanting buddhist monk.

Now...why don't we do this as a church???? LOL! I mean can you imagine...a church going around town in a huge float, blaring music or playing loud drums and people running out to give money?? I mean...these Thai people RUN because they don't want to miss their opportunity to "gain merit" through their giving...not to mention the wonderful public display of piety...

I think the guys playing the drums were drunk...but not for sure. Anyway, here are some pictures...maybe you could talk to your pastor about getting your own church float going year round??? ;) ha!

Can you find the hidden monk?

Float for the Temple

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dandelion dust said...

LOL. I wonder how much time and money went into making the float..