Friday, October 19, 2007

A plague???

Tonight after laboring over a new recipe that I recieved we were all seated and taking our first bites and then I heard a noise. It sounded like a fire was crackling right outside our window. When I turned around I was shocked at what I saw.

There was a stream of flying ants flying right into our home. The crackling noise was because they were flying in through the window and right into the fan that was set infront of the window. IT was on full blast. We hesitated for a moment thinking it was just a freak happening and that they would stop coming in at any moment but they didn't. I jumped up and rushed outside and shut the windows as fast as I could (they can't be shut from the inside unless you have Mrs. INcredibles arms.

John, quick thinker that he is, jumped up and grabbed a towel and threw it over the food and moved our drinks. As I stood there trying to shut the windows these things were flying into the back of my back and head! Once the windows were shut and I went back into the kitchen I met a floor covered with flying ants...some dead and some still fighting for life. The floor was really covered with them!

I couldn't believe it. John went outside and there were none at the front of the house. Normally when this happens (yes it does happen sometimes when it rains) the flying ants are everywhere. But this time it was like there was a swarm that decided to fly right into our window and unfortunatly they didn't have the forsight to know their was a fan there.
John and I had conversations of the plagues of bugs in the old testament. They flooded into our home like they were being forced in by some invisible tube! I can only imagine what a plague of locust must have been like. WOW!

Ah...such is life in Thailand...ALWAYS something to keep you on your toes.

They were termites! I got online to find a picture of flying ants and I found out that they weren't flying ants! They were termites! AH!! I knew they didn't look like the normal swarms we get after rain...Imagine a bunch of these guys covering your kitchen floor...hehehe...


Michelle said...

I LOVE! LOVE LOVE the song that came up when I came to visit your blog . . ."The more I seek you" . . BEAUTIFUL
that said . . .OK, yeah, YUCK with flying ants . .er, I mean termites YUCK!
YUCK, and while reading it I too thought of the plages of Egypt . .