Friday, October 26, 2007

I Went Flying with Superman Last Night...Thank you AMY!

Ah...there are those wonderful moments in motherhood arn't there? I just had one last night and I think it might be pretty unique considering not many mom's jump on their motorcycle/scooter and run to 7-11 to buy some milk at 8:30 at night...

So Josiah was winding down for bed time and he was all decked out in his Superman outfit that grandmaw sent him. Just as I was going out the door for some much needed milk Josiah looked at me with those eyes and I said "Hey Superman wanna go?" and he said, "yeah but just call me Superman ok?"

We jumped on the motorcycle and on the way I felt a tap on my arm and as we slowed to a red light Josiah said "Momma, you just pretend that I'm Superman and I'm taking you to my planet. And those Christmas lights are the stars ok?" I conceeded of course and from then on...he WAS Superman! "Hang on back there. It's not safe if you don't hang on. Look over there at the stars...aren't they beautiful. We're getting closer...hang on. Be careful there is some timburlants (turbulance) coming up."

I just sat back (while driving completely safely) and enjoyed the view of the stars and the planets and made believe better than I have since I was a little girl. The nice moment ended pretty abruptly as we got off and headed inside of 7-11. The Thai's have a very strange way of handling children and I don't like it one bit. Every time I have to pray for grace and understanding...but it's really hard sometimes.

While a few of them just called "Superman!" and smiled from a distance...most did not. They started poking at him and calling him over to him. He didn't listen of course because we have taught him that he sticks with Mommy and Daddy when we go matter who is calling him. Then a lady comes up to him and starts pulling his arm to make him turn around - his face is buried in my leg as I stand in line.

She keeps pulling on him and speaking spitefully and pointing toward this other little girl that is in the store - obviously about 3 or so and she keeps saying over and over "Suay mai? Suay mai?" Which she beautiful? Is she beautiful? That's what all the Thai's want to encourage my son in when another young Thai girl is around...actually they do it when it's older Thai women too.

It's like they are gearing him (unintentionally of course) to judge beauty and to look at Thai women in that fashion. The little girl didn't know what to think and her mother was encouraging it too. I couldn't pick up Josiah at this point because I was paying for the milk and we were about out the door. He was handling it like a champ but I could feel my face getting red as she prodded him more.

Our town is so small...and our cultures are so different. What this woman is doing would not be considered rude or abrasive to any other Thai person but to most American mothers it's enough to send you through the roof. To most American people if a kid is turning away from you...espcially one you don't do not lay a hand on them and you do not make fun of them or pull on them.

Anyway, I prayed quietly under my breath as I was cut in front of...another cultural Thailand there is no line...there is no QUE! I was finishing up our transaction I grabbed Josiah's hand and put myself between the woman and him and smiled at her and said "Sawatdee ka. Prat jaow oyi powrn ka." Which translates "goodbye...God bless you" and she smiled back and we began our return flight back to our home planet.

It's times like those I wish I had foresight to know what was happening and then I wouldn't have to fight my flesh so hard and I could be on top of it and actually allow God to use me at that moment instead of just making it through on grace. I could make an impact or at least get the gospel into a heart that hasn't heard. I could have gotten right down their on her level and said "You know what...God is pulling and prodding you like you are prodding my son!!! You see how you just won't STOP! Neither does He...He's got the truth and He wants to share it with you!"

Oh how my heart yerns to be ready at all times...even on a quick run to 7-11. I was reading a dear friend's blog the other day and she just said something that I've wanted to say for a long time sooooo well...I just want to share it with you. Her blog is here: The Pruett Gang Please stop in and pray for them. Here is what she had to say:

"One thing I have become completely certain of is that we are here for Him
alone! I think when we left to come onto the mission field, we came as world
changers. There is nothing wrong with wanting to serve the Lord, but we had
ideas. We had plans. We were in the way!

Looking back over this year (which has been the hardest year of my
life) I realize that it has to be ALL for HIM. People's lives go on back home.
The people you are serving never say "thank you". You serve day in and day out
& it is never enough. The food is just horrible. The smell of our village is
repulsive. We are in a nice sweat all day. We are persecuted behind our backs.

The people even just finished a festival in which the people paraded down
our very street daily for 10 days boasting of their devils. We can pour out our
hearts and love the people with brotherly/sisterly love, but only God can change
a person! We have shared the Gospel so many times and as a whole the people's
hearts are so hard. They want something. They want money. They want food. They
want the shirt off your back if you will give it. Only a few have truly pressed
into wanting Jesus.

But we have to stand in His love, so that we can share His love. The
Lord is teaching us to love the unlovable. We were the unlovable when our lives
were apart from Christ! We are tired, but He gives us rest. We do all of this
for His Name to be known, Him to be praised & to be challenged into deeper
communion with our Lord!

Pray for our renewed strength & for the people's hearts to want

~Amy Pruett


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and God bless you and your family. I am in contact with Steph Blake and she had one of your blogs to read. Could you send me infor mation on how I can send Financial support for your work for Chirst sake. God Bless