Friday, January 28, 2005

Adopting a 6 yr old - Fat and Beautiful! - Dr. Visit

Hello everyone!!!!

Man, I've missed writing! I've been very busy this week as I'm sure I will be until I get out of school on Feb. 17th. Things are going very well! I can't wait to show you the pictures that we have!! We should have the cord we need next week. Last Wednesday we went to visit a school in Songkhla about 30 minutes away. This was a much bigger school than the one I attend and we watched classes with as many students as 40 in them!!

It was kind of different for me being there because there were tons of male students because it was a vocational school where they learned things like automechanics, welding, architecture, accounting...and stuff like that. The school was predominately male and the first class I observed was all male and I felt it was I who was being observed. It was a bit uncomfortable but they paid more attention to the teacher as the lesson went on. Now I know how incredibly beautiful people in America feel! I get stared at ALL THE TIME!!!! Sometimes it's unnerving...but other times it's entertaining. Mostly I'm used to it...

During lunch I went into the teachers lounge and was invited to join a table to Thai male (extremely feminine) and about 5 women. One lady just chatted away with me about all sorts of stuff - her english was wonderful and then she would tell everyone else at the table. It was quite fun...I have to say though something happend to me that has never happend to me before while sitting at that table. I was called fat and beautiful within 5 minutes of sitting at the table. They were all saying how beautiful I was and I was trying to explain to them that in America we think Asian people are beautiful and some how in the conversation I brought up icecream and the guy said "OH! What kind do you like?" I said chocolate. He said "You see, that what our problem is - we like chocolate so we sooo fat!" The whole table errupted in laughter and I giggled. I know they don't mean it in a harmful way - I found it very funny that I was called beautiful and fat in such a short amount of time from the same people!?!

LOL...anyway, John and Josiah have been in Phuket for these last 5 days. They've been in the refugee camps in Phuket ministering to the people who have lost almost everything. John has some incredible stories and has heard some incredible stories. He got to pray for many people. While he was there he met a 6 year old girl and her grandmother. The little girl has no one left but her grandmother and they lost everything else. The grandmother is old and she begged John to take the little girl so that she could have a better life. John told me about it and we decided to think, research and pray HARD about it. It's a huge decision. John seems to be very much in love with her and Josiah loved her too!

So, please keep us in your prayers regarding this. It's a huge huge decision. We need to seek God's will in the matter. It would cost over $1,000 dollars and it would be a very long process. My first instinct is to say yes...but we must seek God and research what the Thai government requires for adoption.

The air conditioner was installed on Monday and I have enjoyed it immensely!!!! Except the first night I was laying there (coughing my head off) enjoying the cold air and driffing off to sleep when all the sudden....drip drip...right on my forhead!!!!! I looked up and my air conditioner was dripping on me. AHH! So, the guys are going to have to come back and fix it...soemthing about ot having it at the right angle or something. It doesn't drip a lot...just a bit every once in a while. I just scooted over and put a towel down and continued enjoying the air! AHHH!!! :)

I have been sick - I've been coughing very very badly - Yesterday I woke up and when I coughed I tasted blood so I called the Dr. Candy a friend of the missionaries here and she saw me right away. She got me started on some antibiotics - she said I have sinusitus. The medicine is already working and I'm sure I'll be fine in no time.

I sure miss everyone back home! I love hearing from you -so please e-mail :) I have to make this entry short because John and Josiah are about to be home and I want to make them some food to eat. I'll write again soon! Please don't forget to keep us in your prayers! Oh - and forgive me if I havn't replied to your e-mail (Lisa, Tracy, Micheal ect...) I takes me (I timed it) over 15 mintues to send one e-mail recently (because of the connection) so I plan on going to an internet cafe to reply to e-mails. Love you all!

Sawtdee ka!