Saturday, January 29, 2005

We got our pictures off our camera!!!

Hello Everyone!

As you can see we were finally able to get our pictures off our camera...we found a neat gadget for very cheap that helps us get our pictures off the camera and it's better than the cord in my opinion. We're working on getting them all on the website. Right now I've got a link off of the main website ( that takes you to our picture page but not all of the links work right now.

So I've posted a few of the pictures here on the blog. I'll be writting very soon! And I'm going to be taking lots of pictures! Wahoo! It takes about 10 minutes just to post one of these pictures and we've got over 200 that are great of our connection speed it might be a bit before I get them least the really good ones. I miss everyone! I put the one of Josiah ready for a nap just for you mom!