Sunday, January 16, 2005

Firsts - First fall off MotorBike - First time in Thai Church

God is wonderful! I just am more encouraged by the day about what God is doing!, I decided to ride the motorbike for the first time by myself yesterday. (Don't worry Mom - I'm not hurt badly!) It was just a short distance to MaryBeth and Brian's house. I needed to go over there and start a load of laundry at their house and bring back the laundry that was done. Welp, I jumped on - John gave me a quick lesson and off I went.

I though "Hey! This isn't soo bad!". Then I got onto the main road and noticed another motorbike was going the wrong way on the street (extremely commone in Thailand) and a truck was coming up behind me so I couldn't get over anymore and there was a truck on side of the road I was a little panicky...cause we only had about exactly the amount of space ABSOLUTLY necessary for him to be able to get by. So anyway, I made it through that ordeal only to realize it was time to turn and I realized it a bit to late and I tried ot make the turn but I just slid and CRASH! It really wasn't that bad. I just have a pretty big wound on my left knee and elbow - I was wearing a helment.

I dusted myself off and jumped back on and headed to MaryBeth and Brians where she poured WitchHazel on my wound and I gritted my teeth and bared it. That stuff hurts worse than Peroxide man!!! I headed back thinking all the way back about how John was going to laugh. Don't get me wrong - my husband is a sweet - concerned guy but he definately was going to laugh and laugh he did. I fell my first time out....just figures. Welp, I got my first accident out of the way right?!?! RIGHT???? ehh...ahwell...I think I'm definately going to stick to public transportation if I can ever figure that out - AND I'm starting to pray for a car NOW! :) It was pretty low on the priority list but umm...after the's been bumped up! :) lol!

Yesterday Josiah woke up yesterday saying "Iammmpak...iammmpak...iammmpak mommy...iammmpak" Translation: I want to go to the park mommy! John loves to take Josiah to the park, not that I don''s just kinda like their special thing. So we jumped on the motorbike and headed off to where Brian had told us that there was this huge park...I was expecting some big area with some kids play toys but I was sooo wrong! Brian was not joking...there is even a small zoo, a bird atrium thingy and a pond you can ride paddle boats on!!! I almost forgot I was in Thailand when we started to ride up into the park. It's at the base of mountain. It is absolutly beautiful. Josiah LOVED LOVED LOVED It! We first stopped over by the pond because we couldn't find the kids stuff...and we looked over the railing and there were these HUGE HUGE fish down there! I couldn't believe it! They were the size of the bodies of large dogs! No joke!

So a Thai gathering soon formed around Josiah as usual and a lady started giving him fish food to throw in the water and he just thought that was awesome because all the fish gather and literally jump out of the water for the food. I mean...not like a dolphin or anything but they really clamor for the food. It was neat! So John and I then found the kids stuff and let him play for a while. I felt bad though because when Josiah got on the play ground equipment the other Thai kids got off and watched...they didn't play with him - which was unusual in our experience so far...they just watched him and laughed.

We get laughed at a lot! :) Goofy Americans piled on a motorbike! ahhahahah! So funny! OK so now I get to the part about Thai church! Man - it was really awesome! You know what though - I was able to worship the Lord more when I didn't understand any of the songs! You should try that at church - forget about singing any of the words and just sing to the Lord - tell him worship that comes straight from your heart instead of straight off the projector or overhead (not that worship can't come straight from your heart if it comes in that form in any means). I remember if I couldn't get into or didn't like the songs that were being sung I would just turn around in the pew and worship the Lord with my own praises and I think that that is just the best time with God for me.

It forces you to be completely real, intimate and open with God. Anyway, Brian preached in English this morning because he didn't have enough preparation time to speak it in Thai - which was good for us! I only got to hear part of the message because I had to take Josiah upstairs with children's church but I couldn't leave him there because he was really unsure about everything and didn't want me to leave.

Oh - ok...I get e-mails of people wanting to know what the need is in Thailand. Today I was speaking with Elizabeth (Pastor Simon's wife) and she expressed a deep concern because they have very bad curriculum. It's in Thai but it's very dry and boring and the kids don't like it...they don't even like the coloring pages (I agree by the way - very bad). So I told elizabeth that I would let everyone I know know about this need and hopefully we would get a response from the Christians in the states.

She said that it doesn't have to be in Thai- she is willing and can translate it into Thai for the children - she said she is just desperate for a good curiculum for the children to learn from with game ideas and such. So - Christians of America - please if you know of any or if you can rally together (Liberty Lighthouse) please research and find some good curiculum for children (it doesn't have to be new) and help us help these Thai children learn about Jesus.

I will probably try to volunteer one Sunday out of a month to teach Sunday School - and help out so be praying for me because I'm not really the best with ministering to children. My area are teens and adults! So keep me in your prayers for guidance and wisdom regarding this matter.

OH! Very important - a really awesome thing happened this Sunday morning! John had had a vision before leaving the states of a fire staring in southern Thailand and working its way up - it engulfed all of Thailand and Asia. This morning we discovered that Pastor Simon had had this exact same vision! So John went before the church and shared his vision and they all started clapping because they believe the fire is a move of God that is going to sweep across Thailand beginning in the South. So this is what we are praying for! The missionaries that have been here say that they can tell a difference and they can tell that something is going to happen because the name of Jesus is becoming known and miracles and healings in his name are spreading all around!

God is definately doing a work and the Thai people - I have so much more to write but I forgot to finish this blog last night (dinner called) so it's morning time and I'm off to my first day at TEFL school! ehh..! I've got butterflies! :) I will write more later! Aurevoir!


Anita Jo Mal'akhim said...

How WONDERFUL to find you!
It took a while as had to go to JGLM web page, then click on your page to see the update that you are THERE! It blesses me to see also the names of others I know.

I loved the note about worshipping G_D and not understanding the words...I remember standing in front of you one Sunday and feeling your love for the L_RD behind me. I turned to see who was in His was you...I gave you a big hug! Oh, the L_RD loves for us to praise Him. I didn't realize until too late that I was disturbing you...I was just as joyous as He that someone (you) was standing in His presence and loving Him.

We, Nano and I have added ourselves to this newfangled (LOL) blog stuff. We are listed as (I think) which means 'messengers of the King'

We anxiously look forward to hearing what the L_RD is doing through your lives for others. And, as I read more about JGLM, my curiosity is peaked...

In His Service and sending love and prayers,
Jo & Naomi