Saturday, January 01, 2005

Yes!!! We're still going!!!

The past week has just flown by. I can't believe what I have seen on CNN. A relative taped some of the reports on the disaster that has hit Southeast Asia and I was blown away by the devastation! Our family really thinks we're crazy now. On my side of the family we actually have people that won't support us at all because they don't think we should go. They say that wouldn't feel right about supporting us to go over there.

You know, at first I was kind of offended but then I just realized that these people don't understand what we're doing. They don't understand why we're going. We're not going for some vacation or to say we went to Thailand to "help" some people. We're going to make a difference and because we believe God has called us to go. God knew about the bombings and about the tsunami before it happened and he still has us going now. We are in his protection...

John and I were going to leave in August but we felt like we should leave in January. If we had left in August we could have been near that devastation and amongst it. I had been looking at a school in Phuket where Thailand was hit the hardest. I don't know if I would have been there when the tsunami hit but I know that there was a chance. But instead we are leaving a week after the initial shock. I believe that that is completely God's protection on us.

It truly amazes me how people get mad at us. We went in to the Health Department to get some shots and the lady was literally mad at us because we were still going to go. She was rolling her eyes and sharing her opinion on how ridiculous she thought it was that we were still going to go. I couldn't believe how mad she was and she didn't even know us. By the way we didn't get the shots because it would have cost over $450 dollars just for our shots and then we would have had to get malaria pills on top of that. Following advice from missionaries that are already over there we're going to get the shots and the pills when we get over there for half the price. :) That is an answer to prayer because we did not have that money to spend at all! But you know what - if we had had to spend it God would have provided so that we would have it back. He's taking care of us!

We are getting more and more excited. Although I've actually been having an extremely hard time the past 2 days. We've been trying to get out of our house and clean it up and it has been sooooo hard to do. We, unfortunately didn't have any help (because of holiday time) and my body has been trying to shut down. We're almost out though - a little late - but almost out! Praise God! Now it's just finishing up loose ends and saying Goodbye!!! AHH!

Some friends of ours are throwing us a Goodbye party tomorrow. We've got church in the morning, goodbye party, and then finish the house. Monday is run around like crazy day getting stuff done and then at night our father in law has rented us a hotel to stay in (in Dallas) so we don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday before we leave.

I hope this blog makes sense...I'm extremely worn out and tired. :) Please forgive me if I've rambled. I'll write again later. Please keep us in your prayers and especially the people of Thailand.