Friday, January 07, 2005

Finally Home!

We’re home! After 32 hours of traveling we’ve finally made it to the end of our journey…or so my husband put it – we’ve made it to the beginning of our journey. When we got off the plane and got our luggage everyone was waiting for us out side of baggage claims with signs that say things like “Welcome Home!”. “We’re glad you’re here”. It was soo awesome to meet everyone.

After greeting and meeting everyone we headed off for our first Thai meal. It was incredible. The driving was crazy because the cars are all backward. The steering wheel is on the right side and you drive on the opposite side of the road. We finally got to the restaurant and I was shocked at what I saw because they said that that restaurant was famous – but it looked so simple and very humble…I guess you would say. It was like…well, how do I describe it. Almost like a garage – the front of the store was completely open in the front. They brought out these little bowls that had 3-5 little weird looking Thai food. It was either shrimp or pork in this noodle stuff. In the middle of the table they put some “DimSum?” I think that’s how you pronounce it.

I was pretty daring – Josiah wouldn’t eat because he had just woken up and was in his shy/embarrassed by all the new people mode. John ventured out a little but stuck to the rice. J After we left we went to MaryBeth and Brian’s home where we’ll be staying until we get settled in our new home.

It’s very nice. It reminds me so much of Haiti. Brian took us over to our house to check it out and I have to say I was a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of things that we’re going to need in order to make our home livable. I was really overwhelmed when he started talking about how we have a pump to pump water upstairs and that sometimes it stops working and you’ll have to do this and that…and this is where your grey water is.

Excuse me…ehh….what is grey water? Lol…turns out grey water is water that comes from your sinks and washer. It’s really gross. I really do love our new house! But it is going to be A LOT of work setting it up…not to mention A LOT of money.

During the day I went up stairs to put Josiah asleep and we all fell asleep and slept for about 7 hours. That was the hardest sleep I have slept in a long time! I woke up and felt like I had slept as hard as a rock. My eyes were even poofy. MB said “There’s nothing like that jetlag sleep”

We later came down for dinner. A lady named Alice is here too. She’s from Africa – she made dinner – a dish called African Soupie. It was basically rice with this potato soup stuff on it. It was delicious. After chatting for a while we went up to our room to try to get ready for bed.

We have an AC in our room and it felt SOOO GOOD! Man! I praise God for air conditioners. We’re in their cool season and it’s hot. Not horribly hot but it’s still pretty hot! We woke up this morning at about 4am! That would never have happened in the states. I don’t know if it’s the different atmosphere or if it’s the jet lag and off schedule. I just know that it is sooo neat to watch the neighborhood waking up.

It feels weird without my best friend Micheal being here. He’s pretty much been around for almost the majority of my life and now John and I are having these new experiences and there is no Micheal to share it with. I can’t call Lisa and share what’s going on…and my mom isn’t a phone call away to chat with. It’s ok though.

I really need to go get ready for the day. MB and Asia will be waking up soon. I’ll write again later. J