Sunday, August 03, 2008


Good Morning! So I was sitting there eating breakfast and I thought - this looks I thought I'd share my breakfast with you. This morning I went out to see Pen again...for those of you who haven't read it's a lady I met last week who I'm praying for and ministering to.

I got some good books for her and gave them to her this morning. We talked for a while and she was very receptive but she had to go on and continue work. She seemed very interested in the books - one of them was "The Most important Question". I pray that she reads these books and responds to them...and that I have many opportunities to speak to her again...

So anyway, I bought this breakfast from's noodles, bean sprouts and this crazy sauce that had brown looking jelly cubes that I left in the plastic baggie...the sauce is great though:

Normally I eat this or this:

Today is starting off SLLOOOWWLY! LOL! It's amazing how long the days feel when you wake up at 6. John and the boys are outside making a treasure map at the moment. Jude felt like cleaning this morning:

Jossalyn is sitting beside me as I type...laughing and talking:

It's actually time for our walk but because of my sore we haven't been doing that. By the way, I didn't go to the hopsital as expected...I decided to wait and John prayed for me and the sore started draining...yuck huh? and it's sooo much better now. I'm going to check back with the dr. this week just to make sure everything is ok.

Church yesterday was AWESOME again! I want so badly to share what he shared with you. I'd love to put his sermons up here on our blog so you can hear them. They are in english and Thai - I'm goign to ask his permission. Welp, I'm going to make this a short one so that we can get on with homeschooling and studying Thai.

Thank you for reading and I pray you have a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU! TALK TO YOU SOON!