Sunday, August 31, 2008

John's back...

Ok so John gets home and you don't hear from me! hehehe...except for political unrest...sorry! :) Life has been very busy but good. I have finally uploaded some videos that John brought back from Naratiwat.

Another reason why I haven't written until now is because I've been dancing around what I have to report about what happened while they were in the south. Thank God that they were allowing God to guide them every step of the way because the day they were planning on visting an area called Sungai Golok they felt like they weren't suppose to go there that day but that they should wait until the following day.

So they did and that day 2 bombs went off infront of the police station. The first bomb went off in a motorcycle, it was a small bomb in order to draw people and police in. Then a larger bomb in a car went off.

Knowing my husband...if he had been anywhere near when the first bomb went off he would have been right there on the scene trying to come to the aid of any who needed it. I just praise God that my husband, Todd and Trent were allowing God to guide their every step while in Naratiwat.

At first, I was taken back and fear tried to get it's claws in me but the truth is that this is nothing but a testimony to the goodness of God...and his faithful guidance. When I think about that day...I think about God's goodness and how much we can trust him with our lives...not how scared and fearful we should be for moving to Naratiwat.

The people of Naratiwat were shocked to see these 3 farang (western) men walking around their city and they would ask them "Aren't you scared?" "Why are you here? Don't you know about the danger?" and they would tell them about the peace that passes all understanding and those who trust in Jesus have nothing to fear. During their trip they were able to share the gospel with many people and there were many who asked them to return.

The bomb took one life and wounded 20 others. It is the largest and most strategic bombing that has taken place in the south. You can read more about it if you wish at the following links:

Call us I'm sure some will...we know that we are to continue on in our plans to be in Naratiwat after Christmas. The truth hasn't husband has a heart for the Muslim people...there are no churches that we know of in Naratiwat...God has given us confirmation after confirmation about going down south and we feel complete peace about going.

So rejoice with us that God is giving us clear direction. For there is no safer place to be than in the center of God's will.

Here are some videos of the guys being goofy and such...oh and a crazy video of this lizard that some thai guys had just killed...and some pics of the kids.


Crystal said...

what an amazing witness John and those guys are to these people in Thailand who are completely gripped by about open doors! I know people may think I'm wierd too but, I'm really excited for you guys too Steph. I KNOW God is going to continue doing awesome things for His Kingdom through your lives. I will continue praying for you all!!! Blessings!