Friday, August 01, 2008


My boys are finding new ways to entertain themselves as they readjust to Thailand:

Here's the boys at the airport as we prepare to leave DFW:

Us checking in from Bangkok to Chiang Mai:

This is our new home for 6 months and then it's off to Narratiwat/Yala-where there will be nothing even close to for warned...God really blessed us with this one...fully furnished and cheap!:

First time to experience church in northern Thailand. This particular clip is filmed when the pastor was praying over the missionaries in the church...I was sitting down feeding Joss and I managed to one handedly capture some footage of our team. The beautiful blonde you can barely see is Amy...then her husband Trent...then Todd and then the cutie pie with her eyes open is Shiloh - Todd and Carrie's first born and then Renee is at the end. We were so blessed by this service...the pastor started praying that the missionaries would reach out "even unto the Thai Muslims and to Southern Thailand" and he had no idea who we are and what we're doing in Chiang is in Thai and English, the pastor is Philippino:

This next clip is of us on our way to church...many of you are going to have a heart attack because of all the children without seatbelts on...but what's to be done when there's no room - most Thai's don't even know what a car seat there are no seat belt laws here...besdies that...ENJOY! (at least Joss is in a car seat!):

This is a clip of Jossalyn being her beautiful self (yes I am supporting her and not putting weight on her legs Nannaw Marie...just for you) and Jude testing daddy...Bedtime is so fun...

Short clip of Joss after our daily family walk: