Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Green? Smoothie! October in Thailand...

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I woke up and decided today would be the day to do it..make my first green smoothie... I've been feeling some anxiety about making my first green smoothie simply because if it really tastes bad I know that I won't make another one. ha! I'm just being honest....

So yesterday I stopped by the market to pick up some fresh greens just in case the ones I had bought had gone bad because I waited so long to tackle this endever. And I was right - I pulled out the greens I had bought and they were all turning yellow and limp...NO GOOD!

You wanna know something funny? I didn't know what kind of greens I had so I had to go online and find out what spinach and kale look like. I'm telling you guys I am not a health freak...I don't know about this stuff! But yeah...all of these greens were wasted, good thing all of those veggies cost only a $1:

I also bought some bananas at the market yesterday and after I got them home I noticed that the bananas were covered in ants so I sat them outside over night...and when I got it this had this huge chunk taken out of it. Kinda scary...wonder what made that hole?

So I got everything together and this is what went into my green smoothie...minus a little bit of the "kale". That's blueberries, raspberries and two chunks of fresh pineapple...three little bananas and about a cup of kale. I also put about 1/2 a cup of water to help it blend.

I started with all the fruit first...and I have to admit...I was liking what I was seeing:

And turned out BROWN! AHHH! My green smoothie turned out to be a brown smoothie!, after staring it down a while...I pushed all thoughts out of my mind and took a sip. I opened my eyes and said out loud "OK! I can do this!". Did I jump up and down and rejoice in the deliciousness of my creation? NO! But I believe it's only because I don't like lukewarm thick stuff. I don't eat ice cream if it's melted AT ALL...and this to me was thick, not cold enough and well, delicious! Didn't taste like green stuff at all!

I thought it was kind of funny that the only glass cup I had was a cocacola cup and it looks like a cocacola, it was good! I'm going to add ice next time to help it be more paletable...but yeah, WE CAN DO THIS! WAHOO! So, I drank lots of water and that's all I've had so far today and it's 10:33am and I'm not hungry.

If I do get seriously hungry I'm gonna eat an apple or an orange. I found this neat thing online and for health reasons I want to do this...don't think I'm going to do the whole colon cleansing thing...don't even know where to start with that...but as far as the exercising, eating and drinking...THAT I can do.

So pray for won't be easy but I have to do this for my own health and for the future health of my family.

On another note - thank you soo much for those who are praying for we can really feel the effects of your prayers...SERIOUSLY! John and I both woke up this morning feeling renewed and refreshed...trusting our God in everything. Thank you...thank you...thank you for praying.

This is also the most wicked month of all here in Thailand. Read what was going on last October here. There are so many things that go on during of which is the vegetarian festival...which begins by signaling their 9 gods to come down to can read about it here.

You can also read about the parades that take place all over the country here: Parades This is a quote from the guy wrote the article that that link goes to:

"What did I see?
~ I saw guys cutting their tongues with straight edge razors.
~ I saw guys cutting their stomachs with hatches, razors, and swords
~ i saw guys running a sword up and down on their tongues
~ I saw a guy with a deer skull with antlers… an antler was through his cheeck.
~ I saw a guy with a modified bicycle frame with part of it going through his cheek.
~ I saw a few girls with metal rods through their cheeks.
~ I saw a guy with two hatchets (small axes) that was hammering the blade into his forehead
with the back of the other hatchet.
~ I saw a guy that was pierced with about 6 metal rods that went through his lips, neck and skin
near the shoulders.
~ I saw guys with spears piercing through both cheeks.
~ I saw groups of guys sit on the street in a circle and have a tongue cutting ceremony.
~ I saw grown men and women act like monkeys (they were supposedly possessed).
~ I saw girls act like infants.
~ I saw guys swinging swords, spears, Molly Hatchet blades, and everything else - wildly in the
air as if they were fighting off demons.
~ I saw approximately 500 people that were truly out of their minds.
~ I saw little kids of 2 and 3 yrs old watching the men cut themselves from as close as 2 meters
~ I saw a little boy of about 4 years old run after his mother crying and trying to offer her some
water to cool her down as she walked in a trance like a Buddha - and then she pushed him
away from her when he got close.
~ I saw men and women dancing beneath thousands of falling firecrackers that were going off
over their heads, and under their feet, all around them.
~ I saw guys grunting, squealing, and making wretched sounds that I’d call animal-like or

What does that sound like to you? And this is what is going on all over Thailand this month. Please be praying. Thank you and I'll leave you with some funny pics and videos...

While the other pictures speak for themselves...I have to explain this one...ha! Uhh...this is what happens when I blow dry my hair...uh huh...crazy huh? I did NOT puff this out at all...and no I did not blow dry my hair with my head upside down. This is me attempting to straighten my hair by blow drying...every time I sit in a hair stylists chair they are amazed at how much hair I have...God gave me enough hair to spare for some reason. ha! So yeah, I put it up in a pony tail after this...and it looked like I had a lions mane stuck on the back of my head. have to see the video of this...he asked the funniest question...


Sara said...

Not too bad for your first try :) Congrats on surviving! It takes probably 3-4 times to "get it". Don't lose hope. Here are my hard and fast "rules" when I'm making a smoothie:

*There has to be some frozen element. For me, it's banana and bagged frozen fruit. Do you have a freezer? Even adding some ice will help tons. If this isn't an option, make it, put it in the fridge for 2 hours and then drink!

*Add an orange. Not sure if you have those either...but it makes a night and day difference in taste.

*Blend it forever. Smoothies are not supposed to be chunky. They are smoooooooothies :)

Oh, and yes. Whenever you add anything blue or red, it will turn your smoothie brown. My perfect smoothie is pineapple, banana, orange, and spinach. Yummo.

Keep it up! Keep increasing your greens amount too...honestly, you won't taste it.


Deborah said...

While I was reading the first half of that list of what the man saw in October, I was thinking, "Ew, Gross!" But then I heard the song that was playing, "Who will love me for me?" And my heart broke for them. Our battle is against the powers and rulers of darkness that have these precious people captive. I had already cried because I have been praying for yall and for renewal of your hearts in God's Spirit, and you said clearly you can feel our prayers. I apologized for any doubt I've ever had against him. If there is any word to describe our Father, he is faithful! And I will pray for these people that they would be free from darkness also!