Saturday, October 04, 2008


but not ours...Did the title freak you out a little? hehhehe...sorry...that was fun...

I have to write very quickly to tell you a quick story. I have to leave for church in a minute...but last week I was in Thai class and my Thai teacher received a phone call from another missionary who was at the hospital. She was sitting by the bed of a 15 year old girl who had just given birth to a baby a few days ago adn was about to be released from the hospital.

Her parents wouldn't let her come home with the baby and she was torn up as to what to do. In the span of an hour it went from the girl wanting to find another place to stay so she could be with her baby to...can someone just take the baby for a little while so I can make up my her parents saying that she had to give the baby to her aunt.

But before it came to that the missionary lady was going to bring the baby to me to take care of until we found a permanent home for it. So as far as I knew the baby went to live with her aunt.

Then that next week the missionary lady calls me again and says that the aunt doesn't want the baby "because it cries too much" they were supposed to bring the baby to the missionary and she was going to brining the baby to us. But then at the last minute the girl decides to keep the baby again! Talk about confused! But we decided that it's good for the baby to stay with it's mother if possible as long as they want it.

So we thanked God and I went on with my day. Two days later - today is Sunday...the missionary calls me again and says that the girl no longer wants the baby. So...guys, please pray. The missionary, myself and my teacher are supposed to go to the hospital together to day at 12 to pick up the baby and all the necessary paperwork.

There is a lot more to this story but I don't have time to write it...but I believe that is enough for you to be able to pray. I believe I already know a couple who will take this baby right at this very moment...with tears in their eyes....praising God.

John and I do not want to adopt but we are more than willing to help any unwanted child find a new home and he has used us in the past to do so>>>>SAM who lived with us for 6 months before God placed him with his new family.

See: Pictures of Sam

Who is now with a wonderful missionary family who has taken in 2 more children just like Sam:
Sam's New Family

So please pray with us today that God's will be done and that this baby is put into a wonderful new families hands...oh by the way it's a baby GIRL!! hehehee.... you guys....