Sunday, October 05, 2008

We didn't get the baby...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I went today and ended up having to wait at the church for the missionary and my teacher to return with the baby but when they returned they were empty handed.

The mother of the 15 year old girl had decided that the baby would go to the mothers sister. Please join with me in praying for this family and for this little baby girl. I pray that this lady would care for this baby as it's own and that this whole family would come to know our God.

My new friend: Annateet is a German missionary who is working on doing horse therapy for tramatized and disabled Thai children and knows where the baby lives and will be visiting to see if we can be of any assistance. They are a poor family.

Welp...I have to say that I'm turning 28 in two days and I'm fighting off the typical mission field birthday blues. maybe not every missionary has the birthday blues but it seems like every year it's soooo stinkin hard on me! I just involuntarily sit there (ok maybe not so involuntary...)and woe over missing my family and friends...and being able to sit around a table with them all and play a good game of Cranium...Or have a party after church with and good fellowship.

Why does it have to be so rough for me? I mean, it's not like I don't have a wonderful family and I have Todd and Renee and their wonderful children...I have my wonderful new Thai friends...I am blessed and have no reason to feel glum. Well, it is partially contributed to the fact that we're not going to have any birthday money because at a seriously flustered moment while at the hospital with Joss and Jude I used our debit card instead of the cash that I had pulled out to last us....which put us in the red. The things flustered moms do...ugg...anyway, that is not a shameless plug to make you feel sorry for me and give money k? hehehe...just sharing...and yes, I did have to make that clear because while it might be clear to you it's not to some. :)

All the same I felt the heaviness of it just sit on me. Today was great because I was so excited to be able to at least help with this baby but then the baby didn't show up! ha! And now it's bed time and I signed onto my google reader...(wait...really good bunny trail...)

If you don't know what Google reader is then you seriously need to check into it...especially if you have many blogs that you love to read. It's a website that you go into and you add your favorite blogs and anytime a blog you have added has a new post it instantly appears for you to read! You don't have to keep checking everyday to see if someone has updated their post...It just pops up along with any other new posts. You can also use this for news too. It's AWESOME! LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

Ok...back to what I was's time for bed and I'm about to hop in bed and I checked my google reader site and My FAVORITE BLOG "The Accidental Traveler" had just posted her thoughts on a Tozer book and I was sooooo blessed! SOO BLESSED! God is so good and her post just brought me back to my Savior and helped me to grab those thoughts that were reaking havoc in my mind and declare the word of God over my life...My spirit just needs a good shock with God's shock paddles...the word of God sometimes...ya know? I'm shocked at how in need I was...within a day or so I found myself where the Kingdom of God was not my primary concern...more like the Kingdom of Stephy...Thank you God for your word and your love!

So I would like to invite you to mozzie on over to Kate's Blog and enjoy her posts...they are always wonderful, funny and insiteful.

OH and her husband is one of my favorite christian artists...Shawn McDonald. He's the guy that sings the song that is playing right now. So here's her blog...check out her newest post and be blessed:

And to all of my friends and family back home...just know you are missed!

This is Pii Khaam and her beautiful daughter...

Pii Khaam and I...I just love this woman...she is living at "The House of Cana" for battered women...Pii Khaam and I have become really close over the past few weeks and I just love her! Please keep her in your prayers she is a single mom serving the Lord.

The yummy food they served after church today...

A silly video that I made on the way home today...the clouds were breath taking but I don't think the video does any justice to it...

And a quick video I caught during service today...just for you guys...