Sunday, August 31, 2008

John's back...

Ok so John gets home and you don't hear from me! hehehe...except for political unrest...sorry! :) Life has been very busy but good. I have finally uploaded some videos that John brought back from Naratiwat.

Another reason why I haven't written until now is because I've been dancing around what I have to report about what happened while they were in the south. Thank God that they were allowing God to guide them every step of the way because the day they were planning on visting an area called Sungai Golok they felt like they weren't suppose to go there that day but that they should wait until the following day.

So they did and that day 2 bombs went off infront of the police station. The first bomb went off in a motorcycle, it was a small bomb in order to draw people and police in. Then a larger bomb in a car went off.

Knowing my husband...if he had been anywhere near when the first bomb went off he would have been right there on the scene trying to come to the aid of any who needed it. I just praise God that my husband, Todd and Trent were allowing God to guide their every step while in Naratiwat.

At first, I was taken back and fear tried to get it's claws in me but the truth is that this is nothing but a testimony to the goodness of God...and his faithful guidance. When I think about that day...I think about God's goodness and how much we can trust him with our lives...not how scared and fearful we should be for moving to Naratiwat.

The people of Naratiwat were shocked to see these 3 farang (western) men walking around their city and they would ask them "Aren't you scared?" "Why are you here? Don't you know about the danger?" and they would tell them about the peace that passes all understanding and those who trust in Jesus have nothing to fear. During their trip they were able to share the gospel with many people and there were many who asked them to return.

The bomb took one life and wounded 20 others. It is the largest and most strategic bombing that has taken place in the south. You can read more about it if you wish at the following links:

Call us I'm sure some will...we know that we are to continue on in our plans to be in Naratiwat after Christmas. The truth hasn't husband has a heart for the Muslim people...there are no churches that we know of in Naratiwat...God has given us confirmation after confirmation about going down south and we feel complete peace about going.

So rejoice with us that God is giving us clear direction. For there is no safer place to be than in the center of God's will.

Here are some videos of the guys being goofy and such...oh and a crazy video of this lizard that some thai guys had just killed...and some pics of the kids.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Political turmoil in Thailand

Hello everyone...

Please pray for Thailand. In short, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been indicted on multiple corruption charges and has jumped bail to Britain...after the peaceful military coup about 2 years ago. After he left a man named Samak became Prime Minister. Samak is a self-proclaimed proxy for ousted billionaire Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra...he openly supports Thaksin.

Basically...Thailand is split into two Thaksin and anti Thaksin. In the past 24 hours over 35,000 protesters have rallied wanting to oust Samak from his current position in the government. It started yesterday when one of the groups (80 people) successfully took over a government run news station by gun point but were later arrested. (That was the story I was told by mouth...have yet to read about the details on the news yet).

Then there was another group of protesters from the same group that have rallied in front of the prime ministers office...about 35,000 of them. Schools have had to be shut down because the roads are packed...This article is really good and explains much better than I can.

Please read and pray for Thailand. I will be posting more soon:

Posted: 905 GMT

If this were any other country, I’d say I’d just witnessed a revolution. But this is Thailand, and things aren’t quite as they seem.

Protestors gather inside the compound of Thailand's Government House on Tuesday in Bangkok.
Protestors gather inside the compound of Thailand's Government House on Tuesday in Bangkok.

The normal check-list of the overthrow of a government seems to have been fulfilled.

Tens of thousands of protesters? Check. Occupying state run TV station? Check. Climbing over the railings of the Prime Minister’s office and staging a mass sit-in? Check. Major roads blocked? Check.

But despite all the turmoil in Bangkok, it’s still far from clear whether the People’s Alliance for Democracy really have the momentum and numbers to oust the government.

The truth is they are well supported among the middle-class and traditional elite of Bangkok, but go outside the city to the countryside, especially the north-east and many hate the PAD.

The PAD wants the overthrow of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. Samak is the self-proclaimed proxy for ousted billionaire Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. I asked Samak once whether that was true once and he snapped back “What’s wrong with that?”.

And that’s the problem. Many of the same people who managed to get Thaksin kicked out after months of mass protests, which culminated in a military coup in 2006, are now demanding that Samak goes as well.

They feel cheated that having got rid of one leader who they say was corrupt and on the make, they’ve been saddled with another.

Of course both Samak and Thaksin strenuously deny they have done anything wrong, but the fact that Thaksin and his wife have been indicted on multiple corruption charges and have jumped bail to Britain hasn’t exactly helped his cause.

No charges have been filed against Samak, but his association with Thaksin, a man effectively on the run, is tainting his entire administration, which is being branded as a Thaksin puppet government by the PAD.

But as I sweated my way through another PAD rally last night in the searing tropical sauna of Bangkok, I tried to find out who all the protesters would have Samak replaced with.

The answers seemed muddled and vague. As they munched on spicy Thai snacks, (no political movement can function here without seriously good fast food!), they told me they know they want to get rid of Samak, Thaksin and all their cronies, but the problem is they don’t seem to know what will happen when they do.

The leader of the PAD Sondhi Limthongkul has told me that the entire political system needs to be changed, and says that perhaps Thailand isn’t ready for full democracy, because of the endemic corruption. So is it the People’s Alliance for Democracy or the People Against Democracy?

It must be remembered that Thaksin won two landslide elections, and a third which wasn’t contested by the opposition. Samak’s party also won the last election in December, albeit by a narrower margin, but made their allegiance to Thaksin clear. The PAD’s argument is that the votes were bought and the system is corrupt, hence the current deadlock.

What’s critical now in all this is how the Royal Thai army will react. They staged the coup that got rid of Thaksin, but it seems incredible that they would stage yet another coup to get rid of another democratically elected leader.

The fundamental problem with the current stand-off is that a powerful minority in Bangkok doesn’t agree with the government that the vast majority outside Bangkok have elected.

Putting claims of vote-rigging aside, Thaksin and therefore Samak to a lesser degree, are both hugely popular. Until the PAD can offer an alternative which rivals that popularity, overthrowing another government would seem only to undermine the dysfunctional democracy here.

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Monday, August 25, 2008


Sitting at the table this morning:

Josiah: "Momma, when I cover my ears it sounds like a ticket cruncher!"

For those of you who know and love my precious Josiah...he was eating crunchy cereal so when he closed his ears it sounded like the 'ticket cruncher' at chuck e cheese. hehehe...

Daddy comes home today!! So...language class then nap time then daddy's HOME! WAHOO!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Only one more day until John comes home! THANK GOD! I spent yesterday at church and the hospital. We got up and I managed Jude and Joss in service successfully - with Shiloh's help keeping the passy in Joss's mouth. Josiah was upstairs in Sunday School. The service was awesome as usual and I really was blessed by what I could hear of it.

I mostly just closed my eyes and soaked in God's presence during first I started trying to take notes and writing down Thai words that I didn't understand but between keeping Jude from sweating a pool in my lap and keeping Joss from crying I gave up...and just rested in God. Should have done that from the beginning...ha!

After that Renee took me to the hopsital to get some medicine for Joss, Jude and myself while her and her kids + Josiah went to the park. It took 2 1/2 HOURS! AHH! It was was nap time and Jude was into everything...and my head was pounding but by the grace of God we made it through. Joss has thrush in her mouth and it spread to me. So we both needed some medicine to get that gone FAST...more so for me. She seemed to be fine...

I on the other hand am in tears everytime she has to eat. Jude has had ear wax empacked against his ear drum and it's been bothering him for a while now...natural remedies didn't I had to get some dewaxing ear drops for him. I also had to get some medicine for sinus infection that was causing some extreme headaches.

So...we're all good...exept for missing our daddy! OH I MISS MY HUSBAND! Not just for the help around the house of course...or that it's hard without him...I miss his smile and how he makes me laugh. His presence in this house alone is enough to be missed horribly. My husband is so wonderful and when we talk on the phone he sounds so refreshed by this trip. These guys have been praying throughout the day and encouraging each other as they go through Naratiwat seeking what area we are supposed to be moving to in December.

Today, Monday, they are returning to Hat Yai and tomorrow they will come back here to Chiang Mai at 4:30. I can't wait. Jossalyn is hungry and I've got breakfast to make but I just wanted to give you guys that short little update. I'll try to update again today...with other stuff.

With love!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The world's wealthiest royal...

Wow...Thailand's King is the wealthiest royal in the world...hmmm....but what riches will he take with him?

Check out the article:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoughts from today...

Hi guys!

I hope you like the new look of our blog. I decided it needed a change and my friend, Amy, found this great website called and they have free cute backgrounds.
As a standard I always try my very best to be transparent and write from my heart on this blog so why stop now? Right? John is gone right now...he'll be gone with the other two men on our team down to scope out Naratiwat (where we'll be moving in Southern Thailand at the end of December). They will be gone for a whole week.

Now to some... that is no time at all but for me...and my three children...with no feels like an eternity at times. This is day two and we're doing pretty good so far...but I knew I'd be ready to get out of the house so I scheduled a dentist appointment! They come and pick you up!!! So I figured it's time for the kids to have a cleaning (~$9)...and me too if it's not too expensive for adults. It's actually more of a necessary thing because Josiah chipped his front tooth and it seems to be turning

So, I can honestly say that I really have tried to have a good mindset and not be frustrated about being "stuck" at home with the kids for 7 Thai teacher is coming to the house during nap that's a nice...IF the kids are asleep. But it's been a real struggle to allow God to help me have a good attitude.

HA! I'm blessed with my children and I'm blessed to be on the mission field...its just a whole different ball game if John isn't here...that's for sure. But he'll be back soon so I'm daily choosing to make the best of it...looking up fun activities to do with the kids...and trying to really focus on them and on spending time with God with them. I've discovered I can't do anything that requires any concentrated thought while they're awake though...if it isn't's Joss and vice versa.

But I have an hour after they are all asleep before I can do nothing but pass out myself. :) So here I am at 9:40pm thinking about the day. Wow...there are two things I'd like to share about.

Josiah said to me..."Momma, can you show me the real way to that cross?" Expecting me to answer right if there was some map I could pull out other than the Bible. (I was playing Gospel of John the movie while we were doing our daily activities) Just the other night as we were doing our nighttime routine...He looked me straight in the eye and said "Momma, can you teach me the Word of God so I can be strong?" How awesome is my son? But his first question echoed in my thoughts and really bridled me today. Just when I thought I had no patience left...and when I was ready for a nap and they were just revving up...I thought about my sons question to me...and the only answer I can give him is my life.

Everyday is a lesson to him...point to the "real" way to the cross...not religion and a set of rules to live by in order to measure up...but to point him in the direction of knowing the love of our God... I have to strive to show him the love of God and inspire the same passion I feel for God in his life how can i do that if I want to spend time with God...only when they are asleep or before they wake up because it's easier for me? I want to be like Jesus...first and foremost to please Him...but also to teach my children lessons that don't come from any man made book.

Today in my Thai lesson with Khruu Ruchada she was telling me a testimony about a Thai woman who was saved and she was Muslim...and her family believes in Islam. When they found out that she was saved they demanded that she return home and go back to practicing Islam. When she would not they told her she could not come home and some threats were made on her life if she did.

She moved up to Chiang Mai with all the money she could manage (she was cut off from the family) and a friend asked Khruu Ruchada and her husband if they could help her. They did and they found her a job and helped her start bible school and she now writes her own books and helps translate english books into Arabic! She's a very smart woman...but the part of the story that I want to convey is that after a few years the family wanted her to come back and visit and they told her that they weren't mad anymore.

She wanted to see her family desperately but was sure that once she arrived they would want her to go to the mosque and if she refused it could be dangerous. She asked my teacher and her husband what she should do...they devised a plan. They went with her to the south. Once they arrived her parents were very upset that they had come along with their daughter. The did just as the daughter thought and told her that she had to go with them to the mosque...when she refused they told her that wasn't an option.

So she pretended that she would go but that she had to take Khruu Ruchada and her husband to GoSamuii (a beautiful island) because that's why they had come...which was partially true. That was the backup as they started to leave the mother decides that they can't go alone and sends her very large brother along with them to make sure it's not a trick.

But the morning that he was supposed to make sure that they left...he felt lazy so he didn't take them to buy the tickets. So they purchased tickets for the daughter to go back to chiang mai the next day and tickets for Khruu Ruchada and her husband to go to GoSamuii when the brother thought they were going to go.

Long long long story short. They tricked the family into thinking they were going when they were to GoSamuii when in fact she had already left to Chiang Mai. When they went to the airport, the family thought the young girl would be there, all three of her brothers were there looking for her...and lets just say they weren't happy. They made threats on her life...and said some horrible things to Khruu Ruchada.

This is a woman we're talking about...not a young girl. Because she left the faith of her family...because she left Islam...they were ready to kill her! Their own daughter. I just sat there staring at Khruu Ruchada as my mind imagined and tried to comprehend being in that situation...and yet that is exactly what we are heading for.

We WANT to win souls to Christ...and we will be living in a mostly Thai Muslim dominated there will be those who leave Islam...and there will be those that will respond like this. It was very sobering. I'm not fearful...just more sober. Khruu Ruchada is going to set up a time when I can meet this girl and talk to her about how she became Christian and get some insight on the ways and customs of Thai Muslims. I can't wait to hear what God has done in her life through her own words!

So...if you're still with me after that really long...yet cut very short story...please be praying for us especially this week. The enemy is attacking...and since the day the guys left has been heavily attacking Trent's family especially. Amy's blog is on my sidebar...they are thepruettgang. Her blog is check it out if you have time. She is a blessing in my life and I'm so blessed to be serving with her.

Anyway, God is so good and I'm praying for supernatural strength to make this week awesome and that the guys are lead where God wants them to be and that they hear very clearly all the things that God wants to direct them in.

Here are a few pictures from Khruu Ruchada's church that we went to the sunday before last. We were celebrating mothers day...the kids did a little song (our kids just pulled a millivanilli), and then the mothers were brought up from to be honored. The heart of this body of believers is awesome...I wish I had had my recorder there that day. But...we'll go back and visit soon again and I won't forget it this time.

Love you all...thanks for reading...and praying....
The kids really haming it up...the song was in Thai and none of them knew it...Yes Jude has an army hat and sword...hehehe...I felt bad because he pretty much stole the show...

View from the stage...There's us in the back...Khruu Ruchada is the one in the middle of laughing or something...3rd one from the left in the front row. She's great!

Thai kids came up...kneeled infront of us and gave us flowers. It was very weird for us but this is the respect that Thai children are taught...they would bow at our knees and offer us flowers with their head bowwed and their hands in a praying position (which is called a wai). There's Khruu Ruchada again on the the blueish suitdress.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hello all...

I am writing as a humbled daughter of a mighty King. I am so in awe of His love and grace that I can barely contain myself enough to write about it. It seems that God has brought us to this "parking lot" called Chiang Mai to do what you do in any parking lot...get out...get what you need...then get on your way to your real destination. It seems as though this pit stop on our way to Narratiwat in Southern Thailand is a well spring of life...sanctifiying us in ways we never knew needed His attention.

I feel as though we are in the very grip of his hand. As if he's molding and inspecting every piece of His creation...finding each crack and missing piece...each deformed section and preparing it for a grand purpose. I feel His pleasure in me. You see, this is something I've always struggled with in my walk but I had no idea that it was such a gapping hole in "body". I have found that I have been struggling with unbelief. Had you asked me a month ago if I struggled with unbelief...I would have gladly told you that I have seen so much and felt so much that I could NEVER struggle with unbelief.

I have known Him and leaned on Him when everything around me fell at my feet...and He was my strong tower. He was what kept me up...His love for me. My truest love. So how do I struggle with unbelief in God? Well, to my goes something like this...
Jesus has called me friend...He loves me. I am the righteousness of God. I am a daughter of the King...He knows the plans He has for me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I AM the righteousness of God...I am forgiven... all of the above. Not walking in the freedom that I am truly forgiven and have been extended more grace than I could ever need. Unbelief in God's promises about me. Not choosing to walk in His truth. I've been beaten down for so long by the enemy in this area that. At times I'm like a battered woman that can not believe I am of any true worth...I never do it right...never live up to the standards I have set for myself (believing they were set by God). I'm not saying that I shouldn't strive for a righteous and holy life...I'm just saying that condemnation is not of God and I have to rely on His grace.

God has brought me to the mission field to win souls...but first and formost...we are to walk in belief in our God and His have a deep intimate relationship with Him and to love others as Jesus did. Be TRUE disciples of Jesus...counting the cost. If we focus on the first two things...abiding in Him and loving others...Just as Jesus said in: Matthew 22:37: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself." then all else falls into place.

I praise God for His grace. One thing that the pastor of the church we've been going to said really stuck with me...In the Bible it talkes about Peter and Peter's love for Jesus. Peter always pretty much boasts about how much he loved Jesus. In Luke Peter talks about how he would gladly go to prison for Him. He was zealous enough in his love that when Jesus was being arrested he cut off that guys ear...but yet he denyed Jesus 3 times!!! Now in comparison...John always boasted about how much God loved him. In his own book...that he wrote...he calls himself John the Beloved! HA! He truly grasped the love of God for him and he reveled in it.
I am experiencing the fullness of God doing this work in me:

"Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. 18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. 19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God." Ephesians 3:17

Like I said before...I really thought I knew God loves me. I really thought I had this down and the last thing I thought would happen upon arriving in Chiang Mai that God would be refining and sanctifying me...I thought I would be working hard on learning Thai alone...not allowing God to truly love me and to truly accept his grace. I truely believe the reason for this work is that where we are going...only true devotion and eyes focused on our savior will be able to stand firm.

Thank you God for doing this work in me and for preparing us for your work. We surrender to all that you have and will joyfully accept any trial that you want to bring forth to work our patience and bring us into complete surrender to you in every aspect of our lives.

I pray you find yourself with your roots going down DEEP into the love of our God...brining you then into power and life abundant...overflowing onto all around you! May the FIRE of God burn in your heart! I'll write again soon. Thank you for reading...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thai class...and pictures....

I had the most wonderful Thai class I have ever had today and we didn't even crack a book!! As we began our two hours today both Khruu Ruchida and I were we had some tea. We both woke up a little and our conversation soared. We began to speak about how difficult it is for Thai people once they are saved and about what most Thai's believe...buddhism...and then I was blessed enough to hear the story of how she came to know our God.

Before I tell you what she told me...we went to her church yesterday instead of going to Abundant Grace Church. She had invited us to go and we were so blessed by going. This church was a true...spirit filled Thai church. It was small but incredibly large in spirit...the Thai people there worshiped from their hearts and love God deeply.

My teacher is the pastors wife...this is there 4th church that they have started and seen grow to where they could leave it to find where God wanted them to begin a new church. I was so moved by this churches strength and heart - it was awesome...they weren't bogged down with religion or duty...they were there to worship the God that changed their lives.

So...anyway, we talked about church and how it went and she quizzed me a bit on what was talked about - which I failed horribly because I couldn't understand her husband very well...but man did I get some new vocabulary!! WAHOO! So after sharing about this church and what her and her husband had done I was reeling to know how she came to know the Lord.

She told me that her mother and father came to know the Lord because a missionary came to their village to tell them about Jesus. They were extremely poor and could not read at the missionary would bring them tapes to listen to. She was raised with her parents telling her "Jesus loves you..." but she didn't believe...she didn't understand.

Her mother died when she was 10...and she always remembered her parents faith. When she was 15 she heard a Thai man preaching about Jesus and her heart was stricken and she fell in love with Jesus and was never the same. Even at the young age of 15 God spoke to her and told her that she would have the job in the body of Christ of teaching missionaries how to speak Thai!

She once met a german missionary that spoke thai so badly that one time he said "Phrat Yesu ben blatoo"...which translates to "Jesus is a tuna fish"...what he was trying to say is: "Phrat Yesu ben pratdoo"...which means "Jesus is the door"...she always remembered thinking...if God ever blesses me and allows me to...I want to teach missionaries how to speak Thai because back then there were no schools to go to to learn Thai.

She continued on and told me how God provided for her and brought her into a situation which allowed her to begin to teach thai at a school eventhough she knew no english and didn't have the correct qualifications...Khruu Ruchida's heart is so incredible - she takes her job on as if it were a crown to be worn. She truly loves missionaries and her vision is to equip missionaries from all countries to go out into Thailand to reach the Thai people. She's now been teaching missionaries and working for the Lord for over 17 years!

She is a truly amazing sister in Christ and I am honored to meet her and see her shining her light so brightly in this very dim country and in some places...pitch black country. I thank God for her!

I have much more to tell you guys but I'm going to leave it with that and a few pictures...
John, Josiah, Jude and Joss out for a walk with mommy...
Joss was worn out by the end of our walk...whew!
Here's Joss yesterday...isn't she so adorable!
My'm blessed!
Trent Pruett, Todd Pruett and John...what a team!
The kids checking out the dead centipede they just killed...turns out there were tons in the yard because they killed at least 20 babies that day...good thing they were just babies...
Here they are in all their glory - 9 of 10 missionary kids that make up our team...Joss isn't pictured...she makes 10. Yeah...that pool didn't make it through our little pool party. Good thing it was cheap...they had a blast together!
Me studying Thai....the flower on my shirt was from church. They honored mothers on Sunday because Tuesday is Queen's Day (birthday of the queen) Mother's Day here in Thailand...
John workin hard...

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Good Morning! So I was sitting there eating breakfast and I thought - this looks I thought I'd share my breakfast with you. This morning I went out to see Pen again...for those of you who haven't read it's a lady I met last week who I'm praying for and ministering to.

I got some good books for her and gave them to her this morning. We talked for a while and she was very receptive but she had to go on and continue work. She seemed very interested in the books - one of them was "The Most important Question". I pray that she reads these books and responds to them...and that I have many opportunities to speak to her again...

So anyway, I bought this breakfast from's noodles, bean sprouts and this crazy sauce that had brown looking jelly cubes that I left in the plastic baggie...the sauce is great though:

Normally I eat this or this:

Today is starting off SLLOOOWWLY! LOL! It's amazing how long the days feel when you wake up at 6. John and the boys are outside making a treasure map at the moment. Jude felt like cleaning this morning:

Jossalyn is sitting beside me as I type...laughing and talking:

It's actually time for our walk but because of my sore we haven't been doing that. By the way, I didn't go to the hopsital as expected...I decided to wait and John prayed for me and the sore started draining...yuck huh? and it's sooo much better now. I'm going to check back with the dr. this week just to make sure everything is ok.

Church yesterday was AWESOME again! I want so badly to share what he shared with you. I'd love to put his sermons up here on our blog so you can hear them. They are in english and Thai - I'm goign to ask his permission. Welp, I'm going to make this a short one so that we can get on with homeschooling and studying Thai.

Thank you for reading and I pray you have a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU! TALK TO YOU SOON!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Update 2 of 2....

Continued from Part 1 of 2...:

The most amazing thing is that we found a house and moved into it the 2nd day we were in Thailand! THAT is amazing...the first night we were here and I laid my head down my brain just started spinning about all the things that we would...

*****I really did have to stop right at the moment...I didn't create that mini cliff hanger on purpose! HA!****

that we would need in order to make a home here...refrigerator, beds, place to put food (most thai homes don't have cabinets), a place to sit and eat...although the floor could do...a place to put our clothes....a water cooler (a must have here because the water is un drinkable and you drink so much because of the heat that they are an indespensable apart of everyday life...almost every Thai home has one...) The list could go on...

I began to feel a bit sick to my stomach and then I realized what I was doing...I was worrying about tomorrow. So I said quickly as I exhaled...God please provide a home that is as full as possible AS SOON AS possible. And with that to sleep I went.

The next morning we woke up at 5am and I had quite the start to the day. I'll post a video of me sharing about what had happened that morning...rough start but still great!

So we headed out and went looking in the neighborhood close to the Pruett's homes and we found about 5 houses right off the bat. One of them had people working in the yard when we stopped so we asked if we could see in side and after stopping by the office we were let in.
This house is fully furnished - thai refrigerator with built in water cooler, two beds, a couch, tv, 2 wardrobes and a kitchen table AND!! it has internet already!!! The really awesome thing was that when we went to talk to her about price - we didn't even have to talk her down...she brought the price down before we even brought it up. Oh and it has air conditioners!!! It is such a blessing! So for the next 6 months we've got it a lot easier than I thought we would and we don't have to invest a lot of money in purchasing these necessities while we're here.

I soon found out one of the reasons why God provided in such a big way and we don't have to invest a lot of money into those things...err...this is my theory. Thai language lessons are EXPENSIVE HERE! I MEAN!!!! AHHH!! A WHOLE $6.88 an hour!! We're used to paying $3 an hour...or $93 for 5 weeks! So every month for us to study 2 hours a day each...3 days a week it's going to be: 11,160 which is: $349 a month....JUST FOR language!!!

WOW! God knows! :) Our language teacher is incredible though - she's been teaching for over 18 years and her vision is to help missionaries learn the language so that the gospel can be spread all over Thailand.

The neat thing about being here in Chiang Mai is that this spiritual ground has been sown quite a the people are more open to hear what you have to say and they've heard the name of Jesus before. Just yesterday I went outside to talk to a woman who was selling food from her cart on our street.

I went out and started talking to her and asked her her name and what she was selling. She asked me all the normal questions and when she got to the "why are you here" question I told her that "we have come to tell the thai people about Jesus because he changed our lives and he is the real thing". She went on to talk about how she had once heard of Jesus and she believes in him too and then she said something I didn't understand about the temple...

I went on to tell her that Jesus says he's the only way and that you can put Buddhism together with Christianity because one has to be false because Jesus says he's the only way. She gave me the deer in the headlights look...thai's don't like confrontation...and while I was definitly not being confrontational...this would feel like it to her because Thai's are all about "mai ben rai"...

"nevermind"...or just keep the peace...everything is ok no matter how you do it. So I smiled at her and told her I would see her tomorrow - she comes by everyday...give her some time to let that sink in and I began to walk my suprise she said "maybe you could bring me some books?"

That is the first time in 4 years that a Thai person has really asked me for more information without me really really working hard to help them understand their need for this truth. I was overjoyed and I said OF COURSE AND I'll bring you some CD's too!

Her name is a pen that you write with. Please pray for her salvation. So the point of that story is that the people here in Chiang Mai are so's amazing. I went to a Christian Thai homegroup last Tuesday and it was awesome!! We sat there in one of the poorest Thai houses I've been in and you wouldn't have known it from the joy that exhuded from their faces as they witnessed about how Jesus had changed their lives.

I'm going to ask permission to bring a camera so that I can share with you what a Thai homegroup looks like. The teaching was wonderful that night but the fellowship was heavenly.
On a different note - please be praying for me. I am going to have to go be admitted to the hospital for a sore that is on my back. I have had to go to the hospital 2 times this last week to see the dr. and both times I had to be given shots of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills.
So, please don't be worried but do pray for me.

I have chosen to go to the best hospital here, which is costly...well, for Thailand. My first visit with shot and everything was 1,070 baht which is: $33 dollars and the next was double that and I don't know how much being admitted and whatever they're going to have to do to me will cost...but it doesn't matter...God knows and because I didn't know what this sore was I wanted to go somewhere where I could feel like I would meet someone who did.

And I did. So...I'll be going today. We love you guys and I promise my future updates will come sooner and be shorter! :) Thank you for reading and praying!

With love,

oh and here are some videos n pictures...!

Friday, August 01, 2008


My boys are finding new ways to entertain themselves as they readjust to Thailand:

Here's the boys at the airport as we prepare to leave DFW:

Us checking in from Bangkok to Chiang Mai:

This is our new home for 6 months and then it's off to Narratiwat/Yala-where there will be nothing even close to for warned...God really blessed us with this one...fully furnished and cheap!:

First time to experience church in northern Thailand. This particular clip is filmed when the pastor was praying over the missionaries in the church...I was sitting down feeding Joss and I managed to one handedly capture some footage of our team. The beautiful blonde you can barely see is Amy...then her husband Trent...then Todd and then the cutie pie with her eyes open is Shiloh - Todd and Carrie's first born and then Renee is at the end. We were so blessed by this service...the pastor started praying that the missionaries would reach out "even unto the Thai Muslims and to Southern Thailand" and he had no idea who we are and what we're doing in Chiang is in Thai and English, the pastor is Philippino:

This next clip is of us on our way to church...many of you are going to have a heart attack because of all the children without seatbelts on...but what's to be done when there's no room - most Thai's don't even know what a car seat there are no seat belt laws here...besdies that...ENJOY! (at least Joss is in a car seat!):

This is a clip of Jossalyn being her beautiful self (yes I am supporting her and not putting weight on her legs Nannaw Marie...just for you) and Jude testing daddy...Bedtime is so fun...

Short clip of Joss after our daily family walk:


Josiah at the airport....

Joss's first bath in Thailand...

Joss and I making a baby bath work with no baby bath...

One of the pains of my boys eating Thai food...the rice is hard to clean up!

Baby Joss last night...I'm ok with this as long as she doesn't find her thumb!!!